2019 United Kingdom General Election Manifestos

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List of political party manifestos from the 2019 United Kingdom general election.

Conservative and Unionist Partyarchive.org
Labour Partyarchive.org
Scottish National Partyarchive.org
Liberal Democratsarchive.org
Plaid Cymruarchive.org
Green Party of England and Walesarchive.org
UK Independence Partyarchive.org
Yorkshire Partyarchive.org
Welsh Conservative Partyarchive.org
Welsh Liberal Democratsarchive.org
Libertarian Partyarchive.org
Scottish Liberal Democratsarchive.org
Liberal Partyarchive.org
Scottish Green Partyarchive.org
North East Partyarchive.org
Democratic Unionist Partyarchive.org
Ulster Unionist Partyarchive.org
Alliance Party of Northern Irelandarchive.org
Social Democratic and Labour Partyarchive.org
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Partyarchive.org
Libertarian Partyarchive.org
Christian Peoples Alliancearchive.org