Brackets Extension Registry

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In March 2021, Adobe announced it would be ending support for its code editor, Brackets, in September 2021. This data set includes all 1,535 brackets extensions that were available to download from before it was shut down. A bulk download is available from

NameVersionAuthorDateDescriptionZip fileRepository
Dark and Green1.0.0Rossmel Abasto2021-03-01This theme is my first one, hope you like it! It's an dark theme with an scheme of my favorite colours, green and
Hide Status Bar0.0.3Jiří Dvořák2021-02-26Adds a status bar visibility switch to the View
External Changes Dialog0.0.3Jiří Dvořák2021-02-26Removing “External changes” dialog by automatically clicking on “Cancel”
Cacique Templates1.0.7Pedro Cacique2021-02-01Insert code from
RCH Bootstrap 4 Snippets0.3.4Ricardo J Rodriguez2021-01-21A collection of Bootstrap snippets for
Nebuleuse1.0.0Oscar Lahaie2020-12-31Dark and Colorful theme for
Prettier1.2.0Jan Pilzer2020-12-28Format Files using
Clean Ally HTML1.2.0Christopher Phillips accessibility@usu.edu2020-11-24An extension to remove extraenous code from HTML produced by Blackboard
Christine1.0.1vtrykoz vtrykoz@icloud.com2020-11-18Christine Language
Productivity / Project Files Search1.2.0MerryPanda2020-10-26Search within your project files. Folder and file names are considered. Separate search chunks by space. Visit homepage for full
Matrix Theme1.1.0Sumit Wankhede2020-10-05This is a theme to create visual effect like Hacker terminal!
Escape HTML1.0.1Abdullah Alaqeel2020-09-28Excapes selected
Torlavo1.0.5Stanyslaw 'stavezie' Parkhomenko2020-09-16stavezie's
Brackets PHP-Beautify0.1.1nadchif2020-09-12Simple install-and-use code formatter (beautifier) PHP in Brackets. No extra configuration need, no PHP
Brackets Ungit0.8.3Jan Pilzer2020-09-06Run and view Ungit in Brackets. Ungit is a "Clean and intuitive UI that makes it easy to understand git." Requires Git and npm to be installed, works together with
Beautify2.12.0Drew Hamlett2020-09-06Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files and related
NSIS0.9.0Jan T. Sott2020-09-02Brackets syntax highlighter for NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
DW Raven by LCweb1.0.0Luca Montanari (aka LCweb) ( theme matching Adobe Dreamweaver's Raven (2014 version). Contrast set to be gentle on your eyes even after ages on
Syncing Cloud1.0.3Alessandrio2020-08-06Synchronize the edition of your document (if it does not exist it will be created) directly to your server without the need for an ftp or similar user, as you do locally and without third
Rubify Text1.1.0Seth Clydesdale2020-07-07Wraps selected texts with <ruby> annotation tags to help make annotating Asian texts with furigana
Display Shortcuts1.4.1Randy Edmunds2020-07-06Display current shortcuts in a bottom panel that can be sorted and filtered. Add and disable shortcuts from context
Encode - Decode for Brackets1.1.9nadchif2020-06-23Encode or Decode text selections to and from various formats in Brackets. Supports Base64, Bin, HTML Entities, URI,
Brackets UI51.5.6Jacek Woźniczak2020-06-23Brackets extension providing helpers (quick docs, code hints and more) for SAP© UI5
Brackets Jasmine inline Jasmine Unit test feedback within Brackets
Cobalt 21.0.0CRY-D ( <twitter@cryptoDOGE3>2020-05-21Cobalt two Theme for
Abra CSS Sorter1.0.5guerreroabrahamr@gmail.com2020-05-15This tool is used to sort CSS order of properties accoring to TCAP standard of
Scrollable Sidebar1.0.1Scrollable Sidebar2020-04-10Taller Working Files + ability to scroll past them to get to Project selector and Project
Neon Lite0.5.4@kelvinelove2020-04-10A semi-dark theme Neon effects on a light theme. The light variant of the NeonCode brackets theme i made
Neon Code0.5.7@kelvinelove2020-04-10Wanna make your code feel like it's in Tokyo at night..? Here's a dark theme with neon effects... :)
Scrimba Theme1.0.0Jeroen Gunster2020-04-08Scrimba Theme for
More Languages for Adobe Brackets1.1.3Erick Shepherd2020-03-26A plugin to extend code and markup language support in Adobe Brackets using the native CodeMirror language modes. This plugin currently supports syntax highlighting and comment hotkeys for Brainfuck, COBOL, Common Lisp, Cython, D, Django, Fortran, HTTP, IDL, Julia, LaTeX, LiveScript, Mathematica, Pascal, PowerShell, R, reStructuredText (RST/reST), sTeX, and
Add Heading1.0.1FK2020-03-25This extension adds a heading to selected line. Use any languages in the Brackets
LESS AutoCompile1.1.14Jonathan diehl2020-03-02Automatically compiles less files upon
Strip trailing spaces2.1.0Rosen Stoyanov2020-02-20A Brackets extension to strip traling whitespace at the end of the line on document
Kind Feeling light1.0.0Aromatibus2020-02-15Kind Feeling light. Elegant light
Kind Feeling Dark1.0.0Aromatibus2020-02-15Kind Feeling Dark. Elegant Dark
mab-dark1.0.0Sergio Daniel Garibaldi2020-02-12A simple dark theme with light
90's T-Shirt1.0.0kittender2020-02-02This dark but soft theme was inspired by an old t-shirt from the 90'
Brackets Wordpress Hint4.0.3Arsmoon2020-01-11Brackets Wordpress Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins (WooCommerce, ACF included)
rgb cmy theme1.0.0amandevrishi12@gmail.com2019-12-11Give your code the colours of the Matrix. This theme consists of basic colours of the rgb model *warning: high contrast*
Night Life1.0.0praveenax2019-11-10This theme is for those who care way too much about Code and less about the Time!
jansendirtyseawater1.0.0Eric Jansen2019-11-07This theme is a derivative of the popular loidman2 with some changes to opacity, and more muted colors with a slighty lighter
1-2-31.3.0Michal Jeřábek2019-11-04Press CTRL/ALT+F11 to generate sequence of numbers. With CTRL+ALT+F11 you can set lines where to increase numbers or start a new sequence. See GitHub for usage examples and detailed
intelligent-scss-hints1.0.0shubhsnov2019-11-04Contextually intelligent hints for SCSS (variables, mixins, functions etc.) in
Brackets Extension: Go to Start/End of a Tag0.0.1Marcio Wesley Borges2019-10-31Instantly locate and place the cursor on the matching start/end of the tag above the cursor. Simply place the cursor on any HTML and then press CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-/ (CMD-SHIFT-ALT-/ on Mac) or use the 'Navigate... Go to Matching Start/End Tag' menu item to locate and place the cursor on the matching opening or closing
Agila Oceanic Next1.0.1Hahatulk2019-10-31Port of this theme from Sublime Text 3
Crown Control1.2.0Michal Jeřábek2019-10-29Logitech Crown (Craft) integration for Brackets. Probably won't work on macOS. READ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ON
Golden Gaytime1.0.1Seong Ryoo2019-10-23This is a rainbow theme. It is a golden
Theme Editor1.0.0Swagatam Mitra2019-09-24Enable Theme
Better HTML5 template1.0.1William Larsson2019-09-23A better HTML5 template that gives you a solid starting point to work
loidman21.0.1Drake and Brenden2019-09-23Code... changes... man... again?!
loidman1.0.0Drake and Brenden2019-09-10Code... changes... man?!
Switch camelCase or snake_case0.0.1Go Noji2019-09-07Switch between snake case and camel case for selected area or entire
VW Calculator1.2.1Marcell Bugovsky2019-09-05VW Calculator for Emarsys
Brackets Link File2.5.0José A. Martínez2019-09-01Easily link your files (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, images, audio, video, fonts) into the focused document (HTML, PHP, CSS). It allows to copy several files in one time to any project folder or download from CDN and get them tagged
Parkway1.0.0Michael Grantham2019-08-31Drive
Multi-Line Middle Click0.1.2Momma ReGen2019-08-19Hold down the middle mouse button for multiple cursors as an alternative to
Folder & File Maker1.0.0Waymans2019-08-16A nice UI to create a folder or file anywhere in your project tree, including subfolders. Creating files come with template
Espresso0.0.2Craiky2019-08-15This theme emulates espresso's 'Look'
BracketstoIX3.7.1Alexandre Bento Freire2019-08-05Indent,CycleCase(3.7),Execute,Lorem ipsum,Break Line,Recent Files.Change(Case, Quote, Slash, Tab, Encoding), Sort, (Un)Tag, Clipboard, Internet, (Minify, traceur, sass, compass), Text Replace, Extrators, JSLint Global, JsDoc. Text Transforms(Reverse, UpperCase, LowerCase, Capitalize, CamelCase, HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode, UrlEncode, UrlDecode, Join, Split, Number, Trim Leading, Trim Trailing, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Remove Empty Lines, Unix To Win, Win To Unix, Single Quote To Double, Double To Single Quote, Toggle Quote, Single Slash To Double, Double To Single Slash, rgb-hex, Markdown Trim Trailing, Function JSDoc, Tag, Untag, Numbering).Clipboard(Copy Filename, Copy Fullname, Regnize, ExtratortoIX, Html Report).ReplacetoIX(Replace including Words only, Selection only, Multiline, Regnize, History).Internet Search(Open Url, Web Search, Browse File).Compiler(scss, js6 [ECMAScript 6], compass)
Waymans Dark1.0.0Waymans2019-07-30Colorful dark theme for
Waymans Light1.0.0Waymans2019-07-30Colorful light theme for
Brackets Pryme Theme - Dark1.0.7AriSh2019-07-12Brackets Dark Theme for dark lovers to make coding fun and an enjoyable experience. This theme is based on Brackets Pryme Light theme. Happy Coding!
aliasing1.0.042yeah that anti-aliasing stuff on Mac. Horray jagged fonts! Never tested on other
Template Launcher1.0.0Evan Deschamps2019-06-28Here is templates to
Atomic Theme (Dark)1.0.0Evan Deschamps2019-06-28Don't forget to wear a mask!
Darkute1.0.0Pablo Diehl2019-06-04A dark theme with pink/purple
Autosave Files on Window Blur1.0.7Marty Penner2019-05-15Autosave all open files when switching applications, in the style of PHPStorm/
Brackets CMD0.0.1Dmitry Semenov2019-05-11Extension for starting Windows command prompt from Brackets. As for now, only supports starting current file, but the source code could be further
Black Metal Soul6.6.6Satan2019-05-06This theme is created for people with a dark n broken heart!
Pomodoro-Timer-Panel1.0.0OcelotDive2019-05-06Organise your coding time with intermittent breaks
Wei's bootstrap starter template1.0.0Wei Hao2019-05-03Personal use
Brackets Detect Indentation1.1.0Jan Pilzer2019-05-02Detects the indentation used in the current document and sets the editor settings
Dark Spark1.0.0Wild Toast2019-04-26Dark Theme For Bracket Coding Masters!
Ocelots_Theme1.0.0ocelotdive2019-04-22A theme created for tired eyes in the middle of an eight hour coding
AsciiDoc Preview2.1.0Thomas Kern2019-04-20Live preview for AsciiDoc image favorite image right
Black Metal6.6.7Lord Shadow2019-04-12This theme is created for people with a dark n broken heart!
Copy JSON Path1.0.0Armin Pfäffle2019-04-10Copies JSON path of current cursor position. Only works if document contains valid
Wengiel's theme1.0.1Wengiel2019-04-08The theme that Wengiel is currently
vhdl Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Akbar Baghbani2019-04-06Adds support for the vhdl in Brackets text
Pasthetics Dark1.1.0Palm2019-03-21Pasthetics - A dark, faded
PinkPurple Dark1.0.0Leena D.2019-03-21Dark theme with shades of pink and
Galaxy Theme1.0.1Learning1912019-03-20Good colors, syntax highlight and pleasing to the
Minimise Code1.0.1lewisself642019-03-11Minimise HTML and CSS
Brackets TortoiseSVN1.0.1Laertes Moustakas2019-03-06FOR WINDOWS ONLY. Adds TortoiseSVN commands like commit, switch, update, revert, log, diff, blame in File menu, directory tree and working set context
Comment Generator0.0.2Sean Dee2019-03-06Comment Generator Saves .2 seconds of your coding
New Moon2.5.0Tania Rascia2019-02-28New Moon Theme for Brackets. A beautiful, middle-contrast dark theme optimized for web development. Your new favorite
Brackets Prettier1.1.1Kenichiro Kishida2019-02-28Brackets extension for formatting JavaScript using
Monokai+1.0.0Ogata,Masaki2019-02-26This theme is a customized version of the Monokai color scheme from Sublime Text 3. The saturation of respective color optimized for IPS LCD and regular font
Dark Theme by Sanan1.0.0Sanan Ali2019-02-25Try this Dark Theme. You will love it :))
Oceanic Dark1.0.0Kai Siemek2019-02-24Inspired by the Oceanic Dark Theme from
New File Templates1.0.3Yeoh Soon Keat2019-02-24Create a new html, php, vue, ajax-html with basic formats using shortcut
Bootstrap Starter Template1.1.0Justin Truax2019-02-22Create a new HTML file with a minimal Bootstrap template - Currently
Blinky1.0.0Mark Winton2019-02-17A Brackets theme from the 600
Material Color (light)1.3.0Fred Pizarro2019-02-17Inspirate in the product coffee + Color Material + Font Roboto !!... view important in -- >
Darkaloid1.0.1Ismalfmp2019-02-15Code... changes... colour?!
test0.0.3Arturo Cabrera2019-02-06An Extension that can help you with the creation of
Taylors Custom Theme1.0.5Taylor Bruce2019-01-21Newly Updated Fun Color Custom Theme, try it now!
title1.0.1Taylor Bruce2019-01-19Lights up your code like the neon lights in a big city. Created by Hunter
Epoch Timestamp Helper1.0.1Cameron Steel2019-01-14Shows the value of any selected UNIX epoch timestamp (in micro, milli or whole seconds, hex or decimal) as an ISO datetime in the status
Panda Night1.0.0Phil Reichner2019-01-09Panda Night theme for
lumous2.0.0Ben Constable2019-01-04lumous - A dark interface with vibrant
Julha Dark0.0.2Julien Chaput2018-12-21Dark theme for
XCode Dark Theme0.0.2Danilson Sousa2018-12-20XCode Dark Theme for
PHP Current Function1.0.0Raz Hoe2018-12-20Brackets extension that shows the current php function that you are currently in on the status
Open in Browser1.1.0Justin Strong2018-12-18Version 1.1.0: Now saves before opening the file. If you like my work then let's work together, check out my resume: Version 1.0.0: Open in Browser is a Brackets extension which allows you to open a file from the Working Files pane in the default browser or application using a context menu or the keyboard shortcut CMD-2/
Locked Live Preview0.1.0Sietse Brouwer2018-12-16Lock the Live Preview to a page of your choosing. The Live Preview won't switch pages anymore when you change the active document in the
Sweet Dark1.0.3SM2018-12-10A beautiful dark theme for Brackets, which makes your code nice and highly
Notepad++ Theme | Default Version 2 by Hunter McCabe1.0.3Hunter McCabe2018-12-04Notepad++ Theme for Brackets Version 2 by Hunter
Notepad ++ Theme | Default by Hunter McCabe6.9.0Hunter McCabe <>s2018-12-04This theme is based on the default look of Notepad++, very helpful for developers who have just migrated from Notepad++ to Brackets or those who like the Notepad++ Theme! Created by Hunter
Neon Lights1.0.1Hunter McCabe2018-11-30Lights up your code like the neon lights in a big city. Created by Hunter
H4CK3D1.0.0HunterMcCabe2018-11-29A Dark Theme with green letters to make it look like a hacker terminal. Created by Hunter
VipeCLone-Dark-Blue1.0.0@VipeCLone2018-11-29This nice looking dark theme with blue and green
Minimal Replace1.0.1Artur Guedes2018-11-23Have super clean HTML by dynamically inserting content into your code and generate a unified file with Minimal
Nandy Dark1.4.3Suresh Raju2018-11-19A brackets theme focused on
NorthernLight1.0.1macke892018-11-19Based on larz0's Northstar Theme and with some stolen parts from Delkos
Minimal Dark2.0.1Artur Guedes2018-11-15A sophisticated and minimalist theme, perfectly balanced with carefully selected colors to please your eyes without disturbing your
Funkemedia Dark Theme1.0.6Funkemedia Ltd2018-11-12A Dark Theme based on an inverted version of Dreamweavers light standard theme. Great if you are used to dreamweavers colours but a lot easier on the
Theme / Spring Light1.0.1MerryPanda2018-11-08A light theme with natural, fresh and readable palette. Best for PHP, JS,
Brackets Outline List1.5.0Jan Pilzer2018-11-06Displays a list of the functions or definitions in the currently opened document. Works with CSS, CoffeeScript, HTML, Haxe, Jade, JavaScript, JSX, LESS, Markdown, PHP, Python, Ruby, SCSS, SVG, Stylus, and
Brackets Blue1.0.1William Xavier de Castro2018-11-01Code editor and UI theme for
Solaire of Astora Theme1.0.0Agustin Recofsky2018-10-29Praise the sun with this theme inspired by Solaire of Astora from
Nessus .audit Support0.0.1marbe93122018-10-22Adds Nessus .audit syntax highlighting to
Extensions Bulk Installer0.3.0Milos Dzepina2018-10-20Export installed extensions to file. Install it easily on different machines or share it with your team and other
HTML Boilerplate1.0.6Vladimir Semenovich2018-10-16This is an extension which allows you to insert an HTML template, similar to Sublime. Type 'html' and hit the 'Tab' key or use 'Cmd(⌘) + ]' keys for MAC
Twitter for Brackets1.0.2mikankari2018-10-13Twitter client on Adobe
PHP Completion (AutoComplete)1.1.7Thizer2018-10-11Work in progress - With this plugin you will be able to auto insert local variables, attributes and methods from the hierarchical tree, constants, defined functions, namespaces, classes, etc... Yes, I mean a full and robust autocomplete code for PHP on
Oraculum PHP Framework1.0.0Patrick Kaminski2018-10-11Brackets Plugin for Oraculum PHP
80's Baby Rework1.0.4NeoCode2018-10-08Rework of 80's Baby, A Brackets
Email-HTML code hints0.1.3m.lierop2018-10-05Extends HTML code hints for email HTML and CSS. It also adds support for Measuremail CampaignCLoud and Spike
Color The Tag Name5.1.0会社やめ太郎(本名)2018-10-03A tag is green, P tag is orange, Section tag is pink,
Fun Live Color1.0.5Sean Dee2018-10-03Newly Updated Fun Color Custom Theme, try it now!
Change Case1.0.0Narayani2018-10-03Change the case on selection(s) of a text in the editor - Convert to Camel case, Constant case, Dot case, Header Case, Lower case, Param case, Pascal case, Sentence case, Snake case, Title case and Upper
AEM Brackets Extension0.0.15Adobe Marketing Cloud2018-09-03The AEM Brackets Extension provides a smooth and easy development workflow for front-end developers to edit AEM components. Its main features are: automatic synchronisation of changed project files to your AEM instance; manual importing of content from the AEM instance to the project; Sightly syntax-highlighting and auto-completion; easy editing of associated client libraries (CSS, JavaScript)
Brackets Light Theme1.0.112018-09-03Nicely colored Brackets Light Theme with a lot of contrast. ✓ Brackets 1.13 Ready! For optimal use ► highlightMatches: true and ► styleActiveLine:
Avanzac Theme1.0.1Darren McGregor2018-09-01Nice dark
Quick Template v2.32.3.1Riaz Uddin Masum2018-08-29Add Template Quickly to your Project. Click right side QuickTemplate Icon to active
Brackets CSS Class Code hint (Root Path OK)0.3.1jzmstrjp2018-08-24Simple CSS Class & ID code hint. -> Root Path OK! -> parameter('style.css?ver=xxx') OK!
Glacier2.0.0Kruno H.2018-08-15This theme is inspired by the Glacier theme for Sublime
Your New Favorite Theme1.1.0Nicholas R. Prough2018-08-09This IS your new favorite
Yolby0.0.2Frank Tamre2018-08-07Quickly add a very detailed html page to your html
Quick Form1.0.3Mohammad Yaghobi2018-08-03Insert form elements quickly. Based on
Custom Work5.2.0Avril Alejandro2018-08-03Create a bar at the top of each editor to manage them using tabs (drag & drop [file, path], information about the file in tooltip, change the current file with MMB) by adding icons for each file type, with a button for toggle sidebar, and another to see the list of tabs (button for flip view, button for edit File name, button for delete File, button and MMB for close File, add/retrive bookmarks by clickyng on gutter, and finally a button in ContextMenu for [Copy file path or directory path to clipboard, remove empty lines]
CodeShark0.0.1Aroliant2018-08-03Import code into your editor with our CodeShark Online Platform.
Easy Edit Numerical Value1.2.1cruzworks2018-07-26Edit numerical value of CSS, HTML and JavaScript easier by + or - Key (also need Alt or Ctrl or Cmd). You can see the element moving in the Live
My Extension Test1.4.0Prashanth Nethi2018-07-26Test
Brackets Case Converter1.0.2Mark Hillard2018-07-25Brackets extension that converts the case of your selected text (lower case or upper case)
Moody Emotion1.1.0kibigo!2018-07-22A dark theme for Brackets for moody
Source Scripts0.7.0SaiintBrisson2018-07-14Run different types of scripts(Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, CoffeeScript) in
Stencil Language Support0.0.1Joseph N. Ruskiewicz2018-07-09Adds support for the Stencil template
Project Leviathan-Dark1.1.0Nicholas R. Prough2018-07-09This theme combines shades of blues to make your code easier to
px2rem1.1.2Ian Lew2018-07-04px2rem support to Brackets, convert px to rem / rem to
Insert HTML Template1.0.0Nicholas R. Prough2018-07-03Insert a simple HTML template using Ctrl+Alt+N OR Edit -> Insert HTML Template. Save your precious time, you've earned
In-Editor Time Clock: The SQL3.0.0Aristos Technologies LLC2018-07-03Track your time developing for pricing calculations right in your text editor. No more checking the clock. With this version you can save your time to a
Project Archangel-Light1.1.0Nicholas R Prough2018-07-02This theme uses minimalistic colors to keep you relaxed while
Voductivity1.0.0WEB!HYPE2018-06-30Watch videos and view images while you
bracket-color-finder1.0.2Mfou'ou medjo stanly <> and tatkeu Lionel <>2018-06-22Helps you to find your css colors in your
codic1.0.4jzmstrjp2018-06-21codic extension. Please use from
File Size0.0.1Narayani2018-06-18Shows the file size in KB on save and for the current active
Persian Lorem Ipsum | لورم ایپسوم فارسی1.0.0Arata Design Studio -2018-06-16تولید متن لورم ایپسوم
Vue Snippets1.0.1af0092018-06-14A collection of Vue snippets for
Dark Revolution1.9.1af0092018-06-14A dark theme based on Brackets
Code Academy Theme2.0.2Isaac Weaver2018-05-18Taken from code academy's editor theme. Fairly accuracte replication. If you miss the old verion of this theme you can find it in the
Brackets text polisher1.0.0Aleksandra Hubert2018-05-09To polish up document removing spaces, tabs, and line breaks. Click on the drop-down menu to polish up the
Kintone File Uploader1.1.3Anthony Templeton for more streamlined development of Kintone Apps. JavaScript files seemlessly uploaded to your Kintone
VSCode Dark0.9.1Kenya Nekoyama2018-05-05Visual Studio Code Dark theme for
Chromatic Light Theme1.0.1Jon Krazov2018-05-03Syntax colouring from Chromium developers tools because I grew attached to them. There are only two
ColorKeeper1.0.1David Rojas2018-04-30Add some colors through hex, keep track of them and insert them into your
Smart JSDoc Comment0.0.4Naveen Choudhary2018-04-29Generates JS Doc comment, helps with hinting of type inside
PLOREM - Persian random text0.2.2Mojtaba Qasemzade Tehrany2018-04-27تولید متن تصادفی فارسی - ترجمه‌ی آیات قرآن
Font Style Select1.0.2Sean Dee2018-04-25A simple Brackets Font Select Extension, this Extension allows you to change your Brackets font with a various choice of Basic Fonts in a Custom Menu named 'Fonts'. Enjoy!
W3C Validation (by Umoxfo)1.1.0Makoto Sakaguchi2018-04-23Adds W3C validation support to
Monokai Corail UR Theme1.2.8GUAM232018-04-20Dark theme, black background. For all languages (.cm-variable and .cm-property colors are inversed), specially PHP (background for .cm-meta)
Monokai Corail Theme1.2.7GUAM232018-04-20Dark theme, black background. Good theme for HTML/CSS and
PDO Connection Generator2.0.0Luã Enrique Zangrande2018-04-07This extension will help you to create your PDO connection file, it will turns it a really easy work. Check out my Github for the
Brackets Light Theme-Elegant1.1.0javanikeed2018-04-05Nicely colored light theme; maroon, gold, olive, grey-blue and
Anode2.0.0Artem Solovev2018-04-02Anode theme helps you quickly navigate in your
Materializecss plantilla basica0.0.2Luis Mata2018-03-28Agrega una nueva plantilla materializecss básica a tu
HTML5 Template1.0.0tanishbaansal2018-03-20This is a basic extension to import a basic template of html5 in your html
Encode 2 Dark1.0.0mrpranavgrover2018-03-20A lighthearted theme that doesn't hurt your
Novel1.0.0Ignacio Cartes Wörner2018-03-18Theme based on mac OS Terminal's Novel
hT - HTML Templates1.0.1Ashwani Dubey2018-03-16This extension will help you to easily insert a html template. Saves your
Mocha1.0.0javanikeed2018-03-15Light theme with the elegant, rich colors of maroon, gold, olive, grey-blue and
Tropical Theme v.21.1.0javanikeed2018-03-14Fun light theme; has that jungle feel! Fixes some minor bugs like not being able to see cursor or selected
Tropical Theme1.0.0javanikeed2018-03-14Fun light theme; has that jungle feel!
Smart Theme Dark1.1.4Grégoire Thibaud2018-03-13A smart, sophisticated and colored theme (dark version)
Brackets Website Admin0.0.8Nigel Francois2018-03-06Manage your websites with an FTP connection - A work in progress - Keep your eyes open for the updates - N'joy -
Document outliner1.0.3soimon2018-02-26Shows the outline of the currently selected HTML5
Brackets NXC Helper0.0.4Sten Lankreijer2018-02-12Syntax highlighting, code hints and uploading for NXC (LEGO Mindstorms) on OS
Help for the Lorem Ipsum extension1.1.5Trey Warner2018-02-12My first brackets extension. Self
Brackets htmllint0.2.0Andrew Messier2018-02-11Lints .html files with npm's
Jaggeryjs Extension1.0.0Jerad Rutnam2018-02-09File Format Support for WSO2 Jaggery Development
Brackets to Photoshop0.0.6Javier Aroche2018-02-09Execute a JSX file in Photoshop using
HTML Templates, Updated1.3.6Scott Granneman2018-02-08Inserts HTML from a pre-made list of
Brackets JDK1.0.1Adel Wehbi2018-02-07Integration for Java Development Kit. Compiles and Runs. Includes its own Java
FixTheCode1.2.9Raashid A.2018-02-06A simple theme for people who love light
Pixlr0.1.5Alex Bardanov2018-02-05Powerful image editor inside Brackets IDE. Flash player
Hard Coder Dark Theme1.5.0Himas Rafeek2018-02-04Optimized For Javascript Great Dark Green Theme For Hard Coders!
Alice - Spell Checking1.0.0John Koster2018-02-03Adds offline spell checking capabilities to
Dark and Gentle1.0.0Alex Wheeldon-Price2018-02-01A variation on Gregoire Thibaud's Smart-Dark-Theme for
Encode 22.0.0mrpranavgrover2018-02-01A design-oriented theme that doesn't hurt your
DarkNight1.0.0alimazrooei2018-01-28This theme is really beautifull and created for web developer with crazy color!!
Python Tools1.0.2Basil Miturich2018-01-28A set of tools for Python featuring smart autocompletion, quickdocs, goto definition, linting and
copyasjsonarray0.0.1NP2018-01-26copyAsJsonArray plugin for A brackets plugin to enable developers to copy the multiple selection as escaped json array
Ciclon0.0.1MV2018-01-24The Ciclon is one copy of Nature Dark Theme for Brackets!
The Pure1.0.0Seungro Lee2018-01-18The light theme by seungro
K Framework Syntax Highlighter1.0.1Loghin L. Alexandru2018-01-17Brings support for K Framework from CodeMirror to
Stereokai Theme1.0.2Iakovos Frountas2018-01-10Stereokai Theme based on classic lovely theme that we used in Sublime
PurpleUX1.0.0Ivan Afanasyev2018-01-10This theme for
Brackets Tree Icons2.0.0Martin Skocik2018-01-07File & folder icons in Brackets' file
The Greyhound Companion0.0.5wolffe2018-01-03Feature-rich companion extension for The Greyhound theme, extending the theme capabilities to other areas of the
The Greyhound1.1.2wolffe2018-01-02A dark theme, created for speed coding, sporting a modern user
Yesterday Morning1.2.1nifte2017-12-26A simple and clean dark theme inspired by Tomorrow
Gist Manager For Dark Theme0.1.1Fez Vrasta | Theme By Anand Arokianathan2017-12-16Create and view Github Gists within Brackets. Made specifically for dark
Monokai Strikes Back2.0.0Guilherme Odai2017-12-13Dark theme with a focus on contrast and readability, especially on HTML / CSS / JS / PHP files. Based on Monokai Darkness Reborn and the Monokai theme for Mono
Sudimer0.0.2Go Noji2017-12-12Sudimer is an extension of Brackets which makes dialogs appear, changes the background, and plays Youtube according to a schedule that can be freely
Cmd Syntax0.1.0McPherran2017-12-10Syntax highlighting for Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) command
JS CSS Minifier3.0.0Andrew Bagshaw2017-12-08Easily minify single files or all files in a project. Also includes concatenation features as well as auto-minification on
Adobe CC Extension Builder1.0.0KIDev (KICreativo Studio) <> ( HTML extensions for Adobe Creative Cloud products [CEP 8]
Reverse Emmet0.0.1jzmstrjp2017-11-26The reverse function of Emmet's "Expand Abbreviation". Returns HTML of selection to abbreviation. Please use from
quickLib1.0.3Kopitar Anže2017-11-24Simple access to resources on Google Hosted Libraries for fast snippet insertion (JQuery, AngularJS, Angular Material, etc...)
CSSFier with BEM0.0.3jzmstrjp2017-11-24CSSFier with BEM. It works with 'jQuinter'(awesome extension) too. Convert HTML into CSS/SCSS/LESS by pasting HTML blocks into CSS/SCSS/LESS file. Original Extension By rcaferati (
[Browse...]2.0.1jzmstrjp2017-11-23You can select file(s) from [Browse...] or modal window, from right-clicking. And suitable tag will be inserted automatically (link tag, img tag, script tag, css @import, and php(or ejs) include statement)
Processing Support1.1.1mikankari2017-11-21Add support Processing language, and commands that create new sketch and run a
Charizard Theme1.0.0Fellipe de Palma2017-11-20O melhor tema para brackets nunca visto antes ou quase isso
HTML Format1.0.2Wade Walker2017-11-20Adds a menubar of HTML tags to be inserted into an HTML document. Each HTML tag can be given a customizable keyboard shortcut. Add bold/italic/underline to right-click menu. Many more features
Funkcions (Brackets Dark Theme)1.0.0robert-m2017-11-12Inspired by the One Dark Theme from Atom
CSV (.csv) language mode for Brackets1.2.0EPICmynamesBG2017-11-11Added language mode for CSV (.csv)
CSSLint2.0.22Raymond Camden2017-11-10Adds CSSLint support to
Generic Dark1.0.0Isak Combrinck2017-10-27A subtly colored dark theme focused on
Simple Sftp Upload1.5.3Atsushi Umehara2017-10-26Added search function to recently modified files.Simple FTP / SFTP client. It is possible to set up test environment / production environment / local folder, upload in file unit / folder unit, uploaded files modified automatically on Brackets, can write and read connection setting files. It is possible to read the connection setting file of Dreamwever. Change log function, upload function of selected
CSS important property1.0.4Alex2017-10-24Add !important property to your CSS code by a keyboard shortcut. Default is a combination 'Shift-Ctrl-Z'. Select your CSS code and use the shortcut. In the newest version (1.0.4) you can just use the shortcut in a single line without selection!
Laravel Blade 5.5+1.1.1John Montaño2017-10-24Resalta la sintaxis y te da sugerencias de código para Laravel Blade
Tcl Language Support1.0.0Damian West2017-10-22Adds support for Tcl language to
Brackets Pryme Theme - Light2.0.4AriSh2017-10-20Delicate and colourful light theme that makes coding fun and an enjoyable experience. Happy Coding!
gap-ide0.1.5Manuel Martins2017-10-18GAP IDE Utilities Extension for Code Editor. Feedback and bug reporting:
Innovit1.0.2Samane Yaghoobi2017-10-17A dark-Innovit Syntax Theme that is really Friend to the
Notes1.2.1George Raptis2017-10-17Easily add and manage
Hazard Droid Dark2.2.0Yasir Rehman2017-10-16An Awesome Brackets Theme(Dark Version) Created By Hazard
HTML Tag Autocompleter for Brackets1.0.0Björn Paulström, Mattias Larsson, Sorin Sandru2017-10-09The extension autocompletes HTML tags from the Code Hinter by closing the
Todo0.9.7Mikael Jorhult2017-10-04Display all TODO comments in current document or
Brackets Sass Lint1.11.1Pete Nykänen2017-10-03Brackets extension for pure Node.js Sass
Tab Out1.3.0Daniel Geymayer2017-10-02Use the Tab key to skip any
Turquoise theme1.0.0Zach2017-09-30This theme is so shiny that you'll need to wear shades!
Sparkles Theme1.0.0Natalee Villa2017-09-29Sparkles theme for
JavaScript Minifier0.1.4Gregory Jackson lolwtf.gj@gmail.com2017-09-29Minify JavaScript using the offline Google closure
Khrystalz UI Theme1.2.0khrystalz2017-09-29Made for HTML/XML, Markdown, (S)CSS/LESS/SASS, JavaScript, and
Brackets Markdown Preview2.2.0Loïs Bégué2017-09-27Markdown live preview incl. detached window, code syntax highlighting, output themes, adaptive preview width, graphical checkboxes, activation on
Shebang Highlighter0.2.1Kiril Vatev2017-09-27No
Color Highlighter1.2.2Alexander Taratin2017-09-26Color highlighter for CSS, LESS, SCSS, SASS and
codealike1.0.0Your Name2017-09-26More useful details to let someone know what your extension is all
CDN PANEL0.5.11Kopitar Anže2017-09-24Get instant access to over 3000 Javascript libraries, plugins, CSS frameworks, fonts etc. Simply choose what you need from a list or find it by typing in a keyword. That way you are always just a few click from the latest version of what you
Table Editor0.1.0jzmstrjp2017-09-22GUI table editor. Please use from 'Open Table Editor' on context menu. It's useful to use with the extension 'Excel To Table'
Excel To Table1.1.1jzmstrjp2017-09-21Please copy and paste from Excel or Google spreadsheets, and this extension makes table. If you put the word [th] at the beginning of the cell, it becomes a th tag. It's useful to use with the extension 'Table Editor'
ESLint3.2.0Martin Zagora2017-09-19Adds ESLint support to
High contrast Theme1.0.1Ade Adeola2017-09-19This is a theme engineered to be colourful and highly
Dreamweaver Wombat1.0.2Ignacio Nelson2017-09-18Dreamweaver's wombat color
Multihack4.4.1Thomas Mullen2017-09-14Realtime collaboration for programmers.
RAPID Syntax Highlighter0.1.0Brandon Fedorick2017-09-13Brackets highlighter extension for ABB Robotics RAPID
Ringkes1.0.0inwahyu2017-09-13This is very simple
Autoprefixer0.7.5Mikael Jorhult2017-09-07Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes
QuickDocsJS1.6.10Ole Kröger2017-09-07Inline short documentation for JavaScript functions, including a summary,syntax and parameters. Docs for jQuery,NodeJS and some basic ReactJS
TUMZ Shortcode for Brackets1.0.1Natthawut B.2017-09-07Add Wordpress
EndlessDark1.0.0Darren M.2017-09-06Endless Dark is a theme for Adobe Brackets which focuses on readability and identification of important
Switch Sidebar 22.0.0Luiz Paulo Valença2017-09-04Switch Sidebar for Right Side in your
Switch Sidebar1.0.2Luiz Paulo Valença2017-09-04Switch Sidebar for Right Side in the
Indent Guides1.3.11Lance Campbell2017-09-03Show indent guides in the code
Disable Toolbar1.0.0Rade02017-08-23Disables/hides the right hand
Colors++1.0.3Abdul Al-Hasany2017-08-23Preview and modifey colors (HEX, RGBa, HSLa and HSVa) as well variables and functions in CSS, SCSS and less
AMPscript Beautifier1.0.16Christopher Carswell2017-08-15Make AMPscript beautiful again!
Monokai Darkness Reborn1.0.0anand arokianathan2017-08-14Based on Monokai Dark Soda. Made for php and js(Is also good in HTML CSS and SQL) with extra color
Raspberry1.0.0Basil Miturich2017-08-12Dark theme with warm raspberry
Zurb Foundation 6 Basic Template1.2.4George Bratsos2017-08-09Adds Zurb Foundation 6 basic template to your page. Go to menu and select File -> New Zurb Foundation 6
Tag Deletion1.2.0Kristy Brambila2017-08-06Adds a menu item and shortcut that removes the outermost pair of html tags from selected text, keeping the rest of the selection intact. Applies to multiple
Brackets Exclude Indexing FileTree1.0.1Dimitris K2017-08-02Excludes folders from the Brackets project parser to avoid performance problems and seach indexing files limitation. Tries to exclude also folders included inside project's .gitignore file (if any)
Introversed Dark1.0.5mhismail32017-08-02A dark theme designed for Brackets making use of a colorful
Extensions Rating0.7.6Alex Bardanov2017-07-31Shows extension's download count(daily, overall, average and per version) and GitHub stats(stars and forks). Find most usable and popular extensions for Brackets via badges system! Sort extensions and find themes!
TypeScript1.1.0Martin Zagora2017-07-27Adds TypeScript support to
Recent 200 Projects0.0.6jzmstrjp2017-07-2620 -> 200. It's sortable. Please use without 'RecentProjects'(default extention)
Search Stackoverflow.com1.1.1Swagatam Mitra2017-07-26search(Ctrl-Alt-W or Find->Find in for solutions to coding problems and receive an inline response to work
Document Statistics0.0.1Zeeshan Amjad2017-07-19Display the statistics about current document`
Autosave every edit!1.1.6Carles Alcolea2017-07-19Saves your work as you type (automagically!). No need to press commands or switch windows. Perfect for file
zdtheme Dark0.0.2Kiefer Wiessler kwiessle@student.42.fr2017-07-18Zdteam theme - Some Dark blue retro
jsLint2 for Adobe Brackets0.1.2Nikolay Vostokov2017-07-13Add support last version jsLint for Adobe Brackets, this version support ES6 and many more good parts. ps: for disable default JSLint go to 'Extansion manager' -> 'Default' tab and press 'Disable' button in 'JSLint'
berries1.0.0Kruno H.2017-07-12Berries Theme is mostly based on DuoTone berries theme for atom (even though this one is not DuoTone at all.)
P5.js Syntax Hint1.0.2Anvar2017-07-09p5.js syntax hints. This is a very earlly version so everythin might not be
Open project in terminal1.3.0Ranjan Datta, Pauli Price, Joshua McKinney, Anand Narla2017-07-09Open the project folder in terminal. Supports xfce4-terminal, konsole, gnome-terminal, lxterminal and terminator, OSX Terminal and iTerm, Windows cmd smd Windows
PSD Layer Viewer1.0.1Konstantin Konstantinov2017-07-08Allows to view PSD files, export layers, generate CSS code
Dark Blue1.0.0Kruno H.2017-07-06Dark Blue theme contains deep blue color scheme, & it's insipired by good old Bartelme's Dark Blue theme for
Orlix Pro0.0.1Confi Yobo2017-07-01Orlix Pro dark colourful theme with nice syntax hylighter by COnfi
Santimus Dark Theme0.0.1Confi Yobo2017-06-29Santimus darktheme by
FastTagging2.2.1Lucas Costa2017-06-27Generates a tag with classes ans id in a really fast
Brackets Sass Hints1.0.5Kamil Armatys2017-06-23An extension for Brackets to show all SASS hints in the code editor (including local/global variables, functions, mixins, keywords, parameters). It also supports "@import" directive to load assets from other
Arabic Digits0.0.1Muhammad Kamal2017-06-20Replace normal numbers with Arabic
Material Theme [Brackets]1.2.0Adhiraj Singh Chauhan2017-06-13A dark material theme (editor & UI) for
7ostcause1.0.0Abhinav Bassi2017-06-08High-contrast colors on subtle background for dark look and
Codecademy Theme0.1.0Travis Wagner2017-06-01A fairly accurate replica of the Codecademy
CodePen Panda Theme0.1.2Travis Wagner2017-05-30An exact replica of's Panda
CodePen2.1.2Travis Wagner2017-05-30An exact replica of the default theme on
DarkSystemCD® | Brackets Theme1.0.1WDS.DarkBrain® Production2017-05-29provide the productivity quality production from DarkSystemCD® programming as WDS_Styles color
PasteToBin1.1.0Wojciech Połowniak2017-05-28Quickly upload fragments of your code to Pastebin and get the url directly into your clipboard!
Confetti1.0.2torcado2017-05-28Create confetti as you type!
Codecademy Remake1.0.0Kakumei2017-05-27The unofficial remake of Codecademy's
Darcula IntelliJ Theme1.0.0bob4kimo2017-05-26Darcula with IntelliJ theme for
Typefi1.0.0Justin Debuse jdebuse@typefi.com2017-05-25Allows markdown documents to be printed using
Any Template2.5.0Leandro Silva2017-05-23Easily create and use YOUR own template files. This extension adds a new menu item to the main menu bar which lists any template files you create. Templates can be of any file type supported by
Bộ gõ Tiếng Việt AVIM1.3.1Zzbaivong2017-05-22Hỗ trợ gõ Tiếng Việt trong Brackets, không bị lỗi chức năng autocomplete khi dùng trên Linux. Lưu ý: Tắt bộ gõ Tiếng Việt trên máy khi dùng extension nà
Bộ gõ Tiếng Việt Mudim1.0.0Zzbaivong2017-05-22Hỗ trợ gõ Tiếng Việt trong Brackets, không bị lỗi chức năng autocomplete khi dùng trên Linux. Lưu ý: Tắt bộ gõ Tiếng Việt trên máy khi dùng extension nà
Brackets Pryme Theme2.0.2AriSh2017-05-22Delicate and colourful light theme that makes coding fun and an enjoyable experience. Happy Coding!
Flat Dark1.0.0Ivan Rocha2017-05-20Theme inspired by user sampath_roots and keith's submissions to Adobe Kuler:
brackets-file-tree-exclude1.1.0Martin Zagora2017-05-16Excludes folders from the Brackets file system to avoid performance
Brackets Panels Hack0.4.0ficristo2017-05-16An hack to group your panels in a tab bar. No more stacked
Documents Toolbar0.5.22Alex Bardanov2017-05-15Adds toolbar with tabs of open documents on the top of the editor. Now with split view support!
Scroll Past EOF0.0.4Lajos Meszaros2017-05-15A plugin for Brackets which allows you to scroll below the document, stopping at the last
Blue in Dark1.0.0Leshrot2017-05-13The Blue Dark theme come to lead you to achive your best performance! With awesome color contrast control, It gives you a clean and fresh view for Web Coding. Well docummented like New
Special Html Characters1.2.6Gregory Jackson2017-05-12The Inline editing context menu will get an additional option to bring up a menu of common Special HTML characters to insert of the cursors position (e.g. Copyright, Trademark, Non-breaking space)
Lorem Ipsum1.2.1Lance Campbell2017-05-07Generates Lorem Ipsum text automatically in any Brackets
Hearby Brackets Theme1.0.2imbhavin952017-05-05Hearby Theme for Brackets. A theme for Professional Programmers. A Brackets
Notepad ++ Theme | Default6.9.0Asghar Abbas2017-04-26This theme is based on the default look of Notepad++, very helpful for developers who have just migrated from Notepad++ to Brackets !
Factor Syntax Highlighting1.0.3Dimage Sapelkin2017-04-26Provides Factor syntax
Material Brown1.0.2Ricardo Soares2017-04-25Material dark inspired by Mattia Astorino's SublimeText theme for
Typing Shortcuts1.0.1Patrick Kelling2017-04-24Use shortcuts to type words and templates - (OPT_C: 'console.log(')
Country Worn Theme1.0.0Aykut Kardaş2017-04-23Lightweight, simple and
Visual Studio Dark1.1.5Fergal Doyle2017-04-16Visual Studio Dark theme for Brackets. Has language specific syntax colouring by using
Nord0.1.0Arctic Ice Studio2017-04-15An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Brackets
Math Visualization0.2.0Patrick Kelling2017-04-13Visualize javascript math using
Swift Language Support1.0.0ATPC2017-04-11Adds support for Apple's Swift language to
Back to the Future Ipsum1.0.3Adam DeHaven2017-04-07Insert placeholder text from the 'Back to the Future'
Watson1.0.0butlerallenj2017-04-07A Dark Theme with cool colors and warm accents from properties and
Raven1.0.7Justin Truax2017-03-31Dark color scheme based on Dreamweaver CC's Raven theme. Now with better preprocessor
Definitive Email-HTML code hints0.0.1nycsteve2k2017-03-31Extends HTML code hints for email HTML and CSS. It also adds support for Measuremail CampaignCLoud and Measuremail emailtemplate
Luculent New Bootstrap 4 Page1.0.0Luculent2017-03-26Create a new HTML file with a Bootstrap 4 template that has a navbar. If you have an issue open it up on my github by clicking the 'more info' button
Brackets GLSL0.0.3Alex Mourtziapis2017-03-23Provides GLSL syntax highlight for
Breathable Hacker1.0.0TjSangster2017-03-22A Readable hacker Theme for
Material Theme (Dark)1.1.0Ali Naderi2017-03-21Material Theme (Dark) for
Brackets Razor Syntax Highlight1.0.0Josh Studley2017-03-17Allows syntax highlighting for C# Razor
Brackets Terminal0.4.0Alessandro Artoni2017-03-16Open a terminal inside
Zeal integration for Brackets1.0.3anephew2017-03-15Look for the word under the current cursor or any selected text in Zeal (offline API documentation browser)
Close All Open Files0.0.1Nathan K. Campbell2017-03-13Closes all open files (except primary focus) when Brackets app is closed. This allows Brackets to open with a mostly fresh, clean slate. Currently, this extension will still leave the last open file visible when Brackets is re-opened. My first extension - take it as you
Brackats Java1.0.1Jeremy Scalpello2017-03-13A little Brackets extension to compile and execute Java
Brackets Terminal X0.2.0ficristo2017-03-11EXPERIMENTAL: Integrates a
brackets-weex0.0.12017-03-09brackets for weex,support syntax highlighting for weex file (.we)
Dracula Official1.0.0Felipe Kautzmann2017-03-06Dracula Syntax Theme. A dark theme for many editors, shells, and
Console Log All the Things1.0.0Josh Studley2017-03-05Generates a console.log from the currently selected
Ballerina1.0.0WSO22017-03-03Syntax Highlighting Support for WSO2 Ballerina (
NPM Registry0.6.4Martin Zagora2017-03-02Install your extensions into Brackets using
CoffeeLint1.12.2Martin Zagora2017-03-02Adds CoffeeLint support to
Flow1.0.6Martin Zagora2017-03-02Adds Flow support to
Reverse Pane Color1.0.0Go Noji2017-03-01This extentsion can reverse the color of a pane choosing
Eggsecute Shutdown1.0.0JamesPark.NINJA2017-02-27Dark Brackets theme inspired by
ISML support1.0.0Daycode2017-02-26Add support for isml Intershop template
iconhider1.0.0Arthur Müller2017-02-25Hides the icons for live preview and extension manager in the
Obsidian Theme1.0.0cforf2017-02-24This theme is based on Flash Develop Obsidian theme from Sébastien Bénard & Delkos Dark Theme!
Run LÖVE1.0.0InstilledBee2017-02-24Run LÖVE apps within
NodeJS integration1.8.17yacut2017-02-22Use 'brackets-npm-registry' to install. NodeJS integration is Nodejs, mocha, npm and gulp runner with interactive debugger and RequireJS
Go-Syntax1.0.4Arthur Müller2017-02-21A simple extension for Brackets to enable syntax highlighting for Go via CodeMirror
Peacock1.0.0daycode2017-02-19Peacock color theme for
Material Color (dark)1.2.0Fred Pizarro2017-02-18Inspirate in the product coffee + Color Material + Font Roboto !!... comment and help in -- >
Rad1.0.0Matt Whalley2017-02-18Dark theme with soft colors inspired by the
Brackets - Dilbert1.1.0Brian Christopher Tomlinson2017-02-18A 'Daily Dilbert' viewer for
WWDC 2016 Theme1.1.0Durul Dalkanat2017-02-14Apple WWDC 2016 Invitation Syntax
Markus Dark Theme1.0.0Markus Rafferty2017-02-12New dark theme based around TheSansMono Condensed by
RobotSoft Dark PRO1.0.0André Moraes2017-02-11Tema para editor de código
HTML Starter Template0.0.1thepixelsmith2017-02-10Automatically create a basic HTML Starter
Tundra Light1.0.3j myser2017-02-08Feel the chill air
Tundra Dark1.0.3j myser2017-02-08Feel the chill air
Improved Go Formatter1.2.1Boris K2017-02-07Format your Go files easily with a custom shortcut. This extension uses gofmt to format your code and goimports to manage your
HTMLHint1.2.4Raymond Camden2017-02-04Adds HTMLHint support to
Panda Theme2.1.0Brian Guerrero2017-02-02This theme is inspired off the CodePen Panda theme!
Brackets Preferences1.0.0Konrad Lipner2017-02-02Preferences editor for Brackets. Display/edit all preferences. Have regex search for
InFocus0.9.8Attila Bakos2017-01-29Keep yourself focused while working by playing some background noises. Extension inspired by
Spring 2017 Light Theme1.0.0Margaret H.2017-01-26Fresh, calming theme based on Pantone's Spring 2017
SASS/SCSS Hints1.2.0Konstantin Kobs2017-01-24Autocompletion for SASS/SCSS variables and mixins. Color previews included. Forked and updated from:
Esquire Theme1.0.0David James Knight2017-01-22Esquire features a restrained palette of dark, WCAG-compliant colors on a white (active line only) or light gray background, and comments in a subtle gray. This clear visual hierarchy focuses the user on the active line without sacrificing readability elsewhere in the
Go to Definition1.0.5Sachin Pachari2017-01-10Ctrl+click or(use context-menu) to jump to method
Hacker Theme V21.0.3Gabriel2017-01-09Hacker Theme for
brackets-latex0.3.3Patrick Oladimeji2017-01-05Brackets extension that provides support for writing and compiling latex
MellowD Syntax Highlighter1.0.2Spencer Park2017-01-04Add syntax highlighting support in Brackets for the MellowD
Enhanced Dockerfile Syntax Highlighter1.0.2Graham Lee Bevan2017-01-03Enhanced Dockerfile Syntax Highlighter with nested Shell highlighting. Rewritten to use the Jacob Lexer under the hood for a more robust (and easier to maintain) Lexical Tokenizer. Please raise any issues via the project's GitHub home
Number Tabs0.0.6John Smith2017-01-01Allows toggling between tabs / documents using [Opt/Alt] (Inactive Pane) | [Cmd/Ctrl] (Active Pane) +
RGB1.0.0Faria Begum Riya2016-12-31The theme is built upon on primary
Pylinter1.3.0Leandro Silva2016-12-29Lints Python code on save (with Pylint). This extension works like JSLint, but for
JSHint2.2.20Raymond Camden2016-12-29Adds JSHint support to
Brackets Clientlibs Combine0.0.3Brian Wyka2016-12-28Combines multiple files into single file,
Brackets SASS2.0.5Jason San Jose2016-12-25***IMPORTANT*** Read "More info..." if you have issues removing or installing. Compiles SASS *.sass/*.scss files when changed. Updates styles during Live Preview. Experimental support for Quick
WakaTime1.0.8WakaTime.com2016-12-23Automatic time tracking and metrics about your
Agate Theme1.0.1Jonas Kohl2016-12-21Based on the Agate theme by Taufik Nurrohman <>
Quick Webref Doc0.0.1Maksim Titiaiev2016-12-21Это расширение для Brackets позволяет искать документацию по html и css, на сайте Оно является форком расширения Quick MDN Doc (автор: Renan Veroneze <>)
Preferences setup UI2.1.0Fede912016-12-20Form for editing
Light Googly Theme1.0.0Rohit Saluja2016-12-19Light Googly
Big Bang1.0.0Hosein23982016-12-18Real crazy Brackets theme for crazy
Space Theme1.0.0AmirHossein Faraji2016-12-17Space Theme For Programmers :))
Crismon1.1.0Hosein23982016-12-16Purplish Brackets
True Blue Theme1.0.0Julian Baker2016-12-15A blue styled theme made by Julian
NASM Assembler Syntax Highlighter1.0.0João Vanzuita2016-12-15Brings support for NASM Assembler from CodeMirror to
Paperback Theme1.0.0Rohit Saluja2016-12-14Paperback
Zen Dark Theme1.0.2Rohit Saluja2016-12-14Minimal dark theme which is soothing to eyes and catchy
Language Log1.0.2Julha | Julien Chaput2016-12-12Add syntax highlighting support for Log
In-Editor Time Clock2.0.0Isaac Dew2016-12-12Track your time developing for pricing calculations right in your text editor. No more checking the
Macro Manager1.1.0Austin Markiewicz2016-12-12An easy way to create and run macros in
GNU Assembler Syntax Highlighter1.0.0João Vanzuita2016-12-10Brings support for GNU Assembler from CodeMirror to
Brackets Twig1.1.3Athorcis2016-12-05Highlight Twig syntax inside HTML
Hopscotch1.1.3Jan T. Sott2016-12-05Color scheme inspired by the Hopscotch learning platform for
Schema Preview0.1.0Wojciech Połowniak2016-12-04Preview your HTML
Hide Hidden Files1.0.1Marco Peyrot, Lucas Ramirez, Ryan Archer, Raphael Laporte2016-12-03Hides Hidden Files on Unix-Based Systems - Adds a button in the View dropdown
Brackets Color Palette3.0.0Amin Ullah Khan2016-12-03Pick colors from
Brackets Elixir0.1.0Matt Enlow2016-11-30Code highlighting for Elixir in
JSCompiler22.1.1Karl Tayfer2016-11-28Compress your JavaScript code from multiple files into one minified file (Powered by UglifyJS2)
Flexible Boilerplate1.0.0José A. Martínez2016-11-26Set a boilerplate repository folder. Then you can select a file or a folder to copy it directly to your project, or copy only some items from a directory if you
After81.0.0Andrew Sowerby2016-11-24After8 is a Brackets theme based on my custom jEdit cool-mint theme, and inspired by the Dark Chocolate Mint Fondant Filled Square of great none
Elm support for Brackets (forked from lepinay/elm-brackets)2.1.1tommot3482016-11-22building, linting, autocomplete, formatting, repl, package manager,
Extension Highlighter1.2.6Tony Jeffree2016-11-22File extension colours in Brackets' file
Write Dark0.0.1Bijoy Haldar2016-11-21Just another dark
Move Files0.2.0Alê Monteiro2016-11-21Drag and drop files and folders on the tree view to move or copy(pressing ctrl)
Super Right Click1.0.3Nicholas Cardell2016-11-20Adds undo/redo, save/save all/live preview, as well as other useful commands to right-click
JSFiddle Light Theme1.0.2Kyle Wilson2016-11-16A brackets theme inspired by
Eyeris Theme1.0.0Pixzl2016-11-16Beautiful Theme for
Free Template1.0.0Michael Mitchell2016-11-14Allows to create new documents from atemplate, change templates or insert templates into current
Dark Wild Cherry1.0.2Omar Mashaal <>, adaptation by Sergey Nikolaev <>2016-11-13Dark Wild Cherry theme by Omar Mashaal, adaptation for
Pop-up Menu Brackets5.0.0Denisov212016-11-12A Brackets extension that add additional functionality to Brackets editor right menu like save all, Camel Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase and some functionality from edit
Brackets Print Margin0.4.0Jan Pilzer2016-11-11Adds a print margin line to the editor to help you keep your lines of code below a certain length. Easy configuration in the status
Photopea0.0.1Ivan Kutskir2016-11-11Powerful image editor with support for PSD and XCF files (Adobe Photoshop and Gimp files)
Reggae Lights Wilmai1.1.0Wilmai2016-11-11Reggae Lights Dark
PlantUML editor for Brackets1.3.0S. Kyle Korndoerfer2016-11-10Allows the creation of PlantUML files with syntax highlighting and automatic image file
Traffic Lights Theme1.1.3Chris Tennant2016-11-10Traffic Lights Dark
Brackets getter/setter generator0.0.3Mattia Della Mina2016-11-09Generator for getter/setter
Grape Dark1.0.1Andrew Chon2016-10-30Grape Dark for Brackets. A mix of amazing purples and serversafe.sq
Dieter Bamz Restyled1.0.1Mirko Zoric2016-10-30Dieter Bamz Restyled Theme for Brackets. Please visit for info on how to use
Rods & Cones1.0.4Sean Peterkin2016-10-26Color blind friendly theme for anyone with Deuteranomaly and Deuteranopia: the most common forms of color blindness. It will make your rods and cones very happy! :)
Coder theme1.0.0Ivan Grimaldo2016-10-25Dark theme based in Aotm One
Go language syntax highlighter1.0.0nkhar2016-10-24Brings support for Go language from CodeMirror to
Highlight variables in your code.0.0.6Fraser-Greenlee2016-10-23Select by clicking on
Time Quota1.0.1Jakob Lindskog2016-10-21NOTE: Restart Brackets when install has finished. Measures how much time you've wasted on the currently open project. Adds View > Time Quota and an indicator that, when hovered, displays the
Magpie1.0.0Mark Jeffreys2016-10-17This theme is based on the colors of
Breeze Hue1.0.0iExplosive2016-10-12Based off of One Dark
Basic Buttons1.0.0SkinVista2016-10-10Simply adds Save All, Undo/Redo, and optional Custom button to toolbar. Right-click for alternate
Schnapsum1.0.4Raphael Goetter2016-10-09Yeuh, t'en as marre de tous ces knèkes et de leurs Lorem Ipsum en latin, gal?. Forké de
Kaoscript Syntax Highlighting0.2.1Baptiste Augrain2016-10-08Provides kaoscript syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for
infinite3.0.0Matthew T Rader2016-10-07A minimalist dark theme with a perfect balance of a few contrasting
Angular Module generator0.0.1Louie Almeda2016-10-06Generate an angular module. Conforms with Angular Style Guide of John
Blue and Green1.0.0Tim Blubaugh2016-10-01I made this theme for myself but I wanted to share it too!
Dark Material Theme 21.2.0Vikaz2016-10-01Dark Material Theme 2 for
Markdown Toolbar1.2.0Alan Hohn2016-10-01Toolbar for writing documents in
Monokai Dark Storm1.0.0quakerwinters2016-09-28Dark theme based on PHP Storm's Monokai color
ENG1003 Uploader1.2.2ENG1003 staff2016-09-28Uploads Monash University ENG1003 assignments to web
materialDark-Sphinx1.0.0Alex TONDOH <> (
macOS Xcode Theme1.1.9Diogo Filipe2016-09-26macOS Xcode theme available on Brackets. The same experience of Xcode (Default Theme)!
flatlight1.0.0Your Name2016-09-19This theme is so shiny that you'll need to wear shades!
Brackets Ink0.1.0Nicholas Udell2016-09-17Syntax highlighting for Inkle's Ink storytelling
jQuinter0.3.3Ole Kröger2016-09-17Get hints for jQuery selectors in JS,HTML and
Base16 solarized Light Panels Theme1.0.0José Porto2016-09-15Base16 solarized Dark that keeps the panels
Base16 Monokai Light Panels Theme1.0.2José Porto2016-09-15Base16 Monokai Dark that keeps the panels
macOS Xcode Dusk Theme1.1.4Diogo Filipe2016-09-12The saga of macOS Xcode themes continue! After macOS Xcode default theme take a look to new Dusk, a variation of defaulf theme of macOS Xcode editor, adapted to Brackets!
Emacs keybindings1.1.2Ahmad N. Raja2016-09-04A brackets extension for Emacs
SITEZ Dark/Neon theme1.0.1Grant Redmond2016-09-03A dark theme with nice neon colors to keep you going at
Brackets Editor Bookmarks0.10.6Jeffry Booher| (|@JeffryBooher2016-09-02Bookmark lines in the editor as you work so you can quickly jump back to them later. Open the "Bookmarks" Panel to see all of the bookmarks and open them in the
Decode HTML Entity0.1.02016-08-31This extension uses to decode any HTML-encoded
GitHub Octocat Theme1.0.7Diogo Filipe2016-08-28Octocat is now integrated on Brackets code editor with his new theme. The GitHub theme!
Brackets Image Convert1.0.3Hussainb2016-08-27A brackets extension which provides a wizard like interface to convert images using Imagemagick. Note: ImageMagick has to be installed on the system for this extension to work. Please restart Brackets after installing the
Console Plus1.4.9Matthieu Lassalvy2016-08-27Shows console.logs &.errors without leaving Brackets. + Toolbar Icon & Notifier, Filters by logs/errors, Errors stacks details and.... a very nice look + Update: log window object
Brackets Git0.16.6Martin Zagora2016-08-25Integration of Git into
Creative Cloud Extension Builder (CEP 7)1.2.7David Deraedt <> (, Ole Henrik Stabell <> ( HTML extensions for Creative Cloud Applications using CEP
No Distractions Advanced Toolbar View1.0.0ryunosuke tada2016-08-21Extends the "No Distractions" view to display the sidebar when pointing at the left side of the editor and the toolbar when pointing at the right side.add right side toolbar visible
JSecademy1.0.0Rick2016-08-18Flat minimalistic light theme for
Neon Sign1.0.1remonbonbon2016-08-17Lights up your code as a neon
KnoX DARK THEME1.0.0knox972016-08-11Increase your productivity with a theme designed for
Meteor integration0.3.02016-08-11Launch meteor from
Changing tags1.0.2Ekaterina Dontsova2016-08-09Change matching xml/html tag when one tag is
Aui1.0.0Notinkham2016-08-06Simple dark theme, inspired by Monokai and Monokai Dark Soda
Nova Dark0.5.0devlcp2016-08-06Nova Dark
TabEx1.9.8Paul Thompson2016-08-05Exit (), {}, or [] by pressing tab key. Start/stop with
Work Heatmap1.0.0Gwen Mullinix2016-08-03Displays visual markers/bookmarks next to lines you've recently edited. Handy for navigating long
Auto console.log generator0.2.6Borja Guzman2016-08-03Allows you to console.log a var with a simple
Angular Snippets Collection1.1.1Dan Mady Cissokho2016-08-02A pre-made list of Angular.js JavaScript and HTML
CRT Green Theme0.1.0Ian Rose2016-08-02Green on black text, with a monospace font. Get Retro!
HTML Breadcrumbs0.0.1Jono2016-07-31Adds the ability to navigate an HTML doc via jumping up parents in the HTML
Flash Ruby1.0.1LipeWeb2016-07-28A premium Dark Theme for Brackets. Inspired by Belo horizontes night Clubs A Brackets
Scroll Arrows0.1.1Marcel Gerber2016-07-27Adds scroll arrows to Brackets' scrollbars. Windows
Clean Brazil1.0.2LipeWeb2016-07-27Clean Brazil is a Theme for Brackets. Inspired by 2016 Brazil. A Brackets
word wrap icon1.0.1toshiyuki ohshima2016-07-23Displays the status of the word wrap in the toolbar , you can switch its
brackets-compare0.2.7Hubert B Manilla2016-07-20A diff tool for
Contrast scrollbar1.0.0UsulPro2016-07-17this lightweight extension increases scrollbars visibility. Automatically adapts to the dark / light themes. See the appearance in the link
CodeMonkey0.0.1Daniel Kimblad2016-07-15Dark beautiful theme for Brackets!
Focus1.0.0Bruce Cantarim2016-07-15A really dark theme with vibrant colors that make sense, so that you won't miss anything. It'll help you focus at
Konkan Theme1.0.0Shardul Parab2016-07-14You'll just love it!Brackets Theme developed for daily
Untitled language0.0.1Sergey Aleksandrovich2016-07-13Enable language highlighting for new unsaved
Python Jedi Brackets0.1.4K.Saravanan2016-07-12Auto-Completiton and Goto-Definition for python using tool jedi. Use Ctrl-Alt-J for
Chrome Theme1.0.1Alexander Scheel2016-07-10A light gray theme which uses minimal coloring and is easy on the
Modern Legacy1.0.1Mr-Skribbls2016-07-10A modern spin on the legacy computer
Finess (Theme) New1.0.0Artline__2016-07-08Finess is a dark & colorful syntax
One Gray1.0.1Kiril Vatev2016-07-06A Brackets theme based on Atom's 'One Dark', but matching the gray style of
jsfire1.0.2elliotthill2016-07-06JSFire Theme for Brackets by Elliott
Occurrences Marker1.0.4Jadran Josimovic2016-07-05Marks all occurrences of a selected text or the word under the cursor with a configurable delay so that it does not interfere with edit. Configurable through the Edit
Moodle Api Hints1.0.4daniel arriola2016-07-04Moodle e-learning Hints and autocomplete functions for
Bootstrap4 Snippets0.0.2Siddhesh Thadeshwar2016-07-03Add Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha2 HTML5 Snippets to your page by hitting Ctrl-Shift keys with designated snippets eg. N for navbar
EyeNav: Eye-Tracking IDE Navigator1.0.0Stevche Radevski2016-07-01EyeNav is a plugin that allows you to do simple navigation in the IDE using an eye-tracking device. It allows you to scroll, click, select text, and more using your eyes and keyboard
ExportPDF1.0.5Jean Spiteri2016-06-30Export a file or a selection to
beautify.io1.2.1dingdong2016-06-29Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Valkyrie Material Light3.3.3Dr.Chaos2016-06-28Valkyrie is a light theme for all lover of Material Design. Valkyrie respect the principle of colors and hazmonization of Material
angular-file-templates0.2.7Ignacio González Bullón2016-06-27Create common angular files from
Live Preview for Responsive1.1.0mikankari2016-06-24Show two Live Previews for base CSS and difference CSS. Size of Live Previews can change for various
Tomorrow Night Nineties1.0.0CMYKpixels2016-06-19My first theme, I just wanted to tweak some colors in Tomorrow Night Eighties, but I ended up remaking the color scheme. My goal is to make it easier to relate HTML and Javascript elements while
ABP Half Space1.0.3Amin Bahrami2016-06-18For add half-space (semi-space) character in Persian or Arabic documents. (Ctrl+Shift+2)
Daugther of Obsidian1.0.1stone-mk022016-06-17Customized Obsidian Theme -Based on the Obsidian theme from LegibleEel which can be found here:
Milk Oolong1.0.1Ekaterina Dontsova2016-06-16Milk Oolong theme for Brackets. Light sunny theme for harmony web
SQL Connector & Browser0.6.0Alê Monteiro2016-06-11Browse Databases and execute commands directly from the editor. Opens views/procedures/functions as documents. Supports MySQL, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Requires NPM to be
Zoom wheel0.2.0Denis Gorin2016-06-10Increase / Decrease Font Size with the Mouse
Project File Filter Chains1.0.1Chad Meadows2016-06-04Project file filters supporting chaining, includes, excludes and regular
Firewatch1.0.1Alex Bardanov2016-06-02Dark theme that is based on color scheme from Firewatch
Dust.js Syntax Highlighting for Brackets.io0.2.0Steffan Donal2016-06-02Gives full syntax highlighting for Dust.js templates!
Monokai Darker Soda1.0.1Andreas Rein2016-06-01Darker Monokai Soda Theme for your late night coding
QuickDocsRegEx0.2.0Ole Kröger2016-05-30Inline short documentation for regular expressions in JS and
Brackets Icons1.5.7Ivo Gabe de Wolff2016-05-29File icons in Brackets' file
bootstrap-4-snippets-extension0.0.14hoang hiep <>2016-05-29A collection of Bootstrap 4 snippets for Brackets. Should contribute to develop !!!
bootstrap-4-snippets0.0.14hoang hiep <>2016-05-29A collection of Bootstrap 4 snippets for Brackets !!!)
Cool Colors Theme1.0.1Jason Poon jaypoon1984@gmail.com2016-05-26This is the first theme that I
Rainbow1.0.0Pravin Varma2016-05-24A theme for Adobe Brackets text
Earth0.2.7Denisov212016-05-19The Earth Dark Theme for Brackets!
EKM Snippets1.0.0Brian Revie2016-05-18Provides ability to use EKM tag snippets in
Quick test code snipets.0.0.1Fraser-Greenlee2016-05-17Uses Brackets builder to let you quickly test snipets of
Sublime Text style scrollbar0.0.4Fraser-Greenlee2016-05-17Replaces the scrollbar with a code preview similar to the one found in Sublime
Newline0.0.2LonelyStorm2016-05-13Adds the ability to convert the newline character between CRLF <->
Open a new editor window.0.0.1Fraser-Greenlee2016-05-11Adds a File menu option to open your current project in a new
Simple G-Code Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Marti Deans2016-05-11Adds colors to your CNC programs to make them easier to
ROG Dark Theme1.0.0Aaron M Kenny2016-05-10ROG red and black color
Ice Melon1.0.2pbnj-io2016-05-07Ice Melon Dark
Phaser Chains1.0.4boniatillo.com2016-05-05A great new way to search the Phaser Documentation (Open View > Phaser Chains)
FuncDocr0.8.41Ole Kröger2016-05-04Generates JSDoc,PHPDoc annotations for your
Show Tabs0.0.3Fraser-Greenlee2016-05-04Adds border to
Quick launch applications from the side bar.0.0.5Fraser-Greenlee2016-05-02Mac OS
Special B1.0.1Luisiany Inoa2016-05-02Based off of Coda 2 Special Board
Mermaid Preview1.0.2Alan Hohn2016-04-30Preview window for Mermaid
Hide Working Files0.0.1Fraser-Greenlee2016-04-30Hides the Working
UnoCSS1.0.0Winslow DiBona2016-04-26Simple Panel for viewing CSS files, classes, and class
fvp Theme0.0.1Fedor Parfenov2016-04-24fvpDev's First
PHP Code Quality Tools0.1.11Mikael Jorhult2016-04-23Analyze and lint PHP using several code analysis tools. Please note that this extension needs PHP to be installed on your machine to work
Refresh or Reload Brackets1.0.0Avril Alejandro2016-04-22simple click: refresh [ProjectManager, WorkingSetView, Editor] --- double click: reload brackets --- click on context: reload whitout extensions. (button in toolbar)
QuickFormTool2.7.0Mohammad Yaghobi2016-04-18Insert form elements
Runtime Autocomplete0.0.1jnvm2016-04-18Adds editor autocomplete based on the global context runtime of your
Easy Reader0.1.0Lachlan Jadezak2016-04-16A brackets theme based around using dimmed colours for easier
Selected Char Counter1.0.0Alê Monteiro2016-04-12Shows the number of selected
Coders Theme1.0.0Ahmedur Rahman Shovon2016-04-10Theme for coders!
Delkos Dark Theme0.0.5David Sánchez i Gregori2016-04-10A dark, elegant, easy readable
Jasmine autocompleter0.1.0Borja Guzman2016-04-09A new even faster way to test, it will create a template for your use
CodeIgniter Translate0.1.0Hugo Vacher2016-04-07Tool to help translate CodeIgniter template, works with PHP and Smarty. Automatically places the string into languages files and replaces it by a key. Allows modifying the translations from the
Word Count1.0.4Raymond Camden2016-04-07Stupid simple word count for current
Pre-written Codes1.0.0Bárkányi Sándor2016-03-30My expandable collection codes (JS, PHP, CSS ...)
Menus Manager...1.0.5Avril Alejandro2016-03-26remove menus and keys by select option. restart brackets to apply changes in
Insert License Header1.0.1JamezSoftware2016-03-24An extension to provide a quick way to insert the license copyright notice at the top of your document. Based on the "Copyright extension" by Joe Ireland at
TwosCalc0.0.6Albert Kim2016-03-20Target width ratio calculator extension for Adobe
JS Live Debugger1.1.0Pranay Prakash2016-03-18An extension for brackets that lets you look at the output of individual JS code statements while
Railroad diagram of regular expressions0.0.5Nicolas Ramz2016-03-18A regular expression railroad diagram view for regexp under the
Themes for Brackets2.0.14Jacob Lauritzen2016-03-17Theme-pack that styles the whole editor!
Get Current File Path1.0.0Khilchuk Dima hil400k@gmail.com2016-03-10Utility for getting path of opened file with possibility to copy it. Use 'Ctrl+`' to get File
Bacon Ipsum1.0.0John Cipponeri2016-03-10Generates Bacon Ipsum text automatically in any Brackets
Cursor Options0.0.4Aaron Maupin2016-03-09Change cursor display style (block, vertical, horizontal), color, and blink
CanIUse2.1.2Raymond Camden2016-03-08Adds a panel that renders
Finess (Theme)1.0.0Artline__2016-03-06Finess is a dark & colorful syntax
Greentown Edit1.1.1vvaka2016-03-05Edit of the Greentown
Todo.txt Syntax Highlighting0.1.1Jake Beamish2016-03-02A very basic syntax highlighter for the Todo.txt Format using CodeMirror Simple
Greentown1.2.0vvaka2016-03-02Greentown is dark theme for Brackets. The theme like a Duo
Nightshade1.0.0NightShade2016-03-01This dark theme is based on the monokai dark soda color scheme from Sublime
Brix CMS1.3.0Bert Hermans2016-03-01Collection of plugins to use Brackets as a
Magento 2 Hint0.1.0Rafael Corrêa Gomes2016-02-29Ideal for developing Magento 2 themes, get hints of the main functions, classes and
Material theme1.0.0Rogulski Rafał2016-02-28Material theme for Brackets inspired by material-syntax for
Gbiv Brackets Theme1.0.0Lauren Christianson2016-02-25Greens, Blues, Purples, Oh My! Theme for
Ternific0.9.5Miguel Castillo2016-02-24JavaScript hinting and refactoring powered by
Themes2.0.6Miguel Castillo2016-02-24CodeMirror and custom themes in
Adding boilerplate HTML template1.0.1Hozefa Jodiawalla2016-02-24This lets you create a boilerplate HTML
Basic TouchEvent handling in Brackets1.0.0Swagatam Mitra2016-02-23Enable TouchEvents in
No Distractions Advanced1.0.1Martin Holler2016-02-22Extends the "No Distractions" view to display the sidebar when pointing at the left side of the editor and the toolbar when pointing at the right
New One Dark1.2.1moritzw12016-02-22Inspired by the One Dark Theme from Atom
lns.theme dark1.0.0李南书2016-02-22暗色主题,部分参考 visual
json2ts for Brackets0.0.6Gregor Biswanger2016-02-20Convert a JSON from clipboard to TypeScript interfaces. (Ctrl+Alt+V)
Clicky1.0.4Barry Klasbak, Matti2016-02-16Adding clickTag and other goodies to Animate CC, Flash CC, Swiffy or Edge generated
Color Merge0.1.0Sami Laakkonen2016-02-13Finds all colors from the document and let's you choose and merge similar
Minimap3.2.6Senko Anton2016-02-12The minimap shows a smaller version of your code at the right of the screen. It can be used to quickly scroll to a certain part of your file. This is a fork of brackets-wdminimap by Brian Adams (
Cake1.0.3Daniel Pintilei2016-02-10Yummy syntax
Numbered Bookmarks0.9.4Robert Girhiny robcaa@gmail.com2016-02-10Bookmark lines in the editor (CMD/CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+1 ... CMD/CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+9) as you work so you can quickly jump back to them later (CTRL+1 ... CTRL+9). Delete all: CMD/
Semicolon Terminator0.9.2Tony Archer2016-02-08SHIFT+ENTER - > Puts semicolon at current line, creates and indents new line below. ALT+ENTER - > Puts semicolon at the end of the current line, but keeps the cursor where it is. Simple, useful. This is a modification to an original work which was inserting extra carriage returns and would continue to add semicolons to lines that already had them. I also didn't like the shortcuts, so I updated to something that made more sense to me. Based entirely on
Brackulator1.0.2Marc Donkers2016-02-07Adds a popup calculator right inside
Right click1.0.5Marc Donkers2016-02-06Adds Cut, Copy and Paste options to the right click
MIPS Assembly Syntax Highlighter0.0.4Nathan Phipps2016-02-05Syntax highlighting support for MIPS assembly files (.s, .sx)
Deep Ocean1.0.2Daniel Pintilei2016-02-04Darker True
Show Whitespace Japanese1.0.3zoomSK2016-02-04Visualize whitespaces, modified to show Japanese 2-byte
UI Faces & Names for Brackets1.1.0Vincent Loy2016-02-01Generate random images & names from over 6K+ pictures & 1M+ available names. You can choose names from 40+ countries and specific the
Ariane1.1.2erknrio2016-02-01Ariane, a beautiful purple theme for
Quick Menu Search1.0.0Naveen2016-02-01Quick search menu
Mansa Light Theme1.0.0niels@mansa.media2016-01-29Nicely colored Brackets Theme with a lot of contrast by
PHP Syntax Hint1.1.6Ritesh Kumar Prakash2016-01-29PHP Syntax Hint is a plugin for Brackets, which will help you alot in writing php SYNTAX, MYSQL Queries as this will auto suggest Syntax while coding, within Brackets software. The best part of it is that if you want to write some words again and again, just go to Help > Show Extensions Folder. Once folder opens up, open folder user > brackets-php-syntax-hint. There you will get php-syntax.txt, open that file and go on adding syntax and words you require and reload Brackets to enjoy writing codes(words you have added). They will appear in the dropdown as HINT, press ENTER and it's
Tansidian Theme1.0.1Aves842016-01-29Dark theme enspired by Tango and
OS FTP - Operating System FTP Client Wrapper1.2.10Dan <> & Lee <>2016-01-27This Brackets extension uses native OS FTP clients to perform FTP. You can even FTP to a mainframe!
Golang Syntax for brackets0.0.3Leivince John Marte2016-01-27Provides golang syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for
Graphviz Preview1.0.0Brian Kohles2016-01-27Live preview of Graphviz DOT format
Mata Theme1.0.1thaotn2016-01-26Mata Theme for Brackets, based Notepad++
ECO template syntax highlighting1.1.0Steve McArthur2016-01-26Add syntax highlighting support for the Eco templating language (.eco)
MuCow Language Support0.4.75Adobe2016-01-25Support for MUSE widget markup (MuCow)
Deep Chill Theme1.0.0Mark Wilson2016-01-24Cool color scheme for
Monokai Pastel Theme1.0.0Mark Wilson2016-01-24Dark pastel theme for Brackets. Based on the Dark Soda and Monokai color
Brackets Matcher0.4.1Łukasz Polowczyk2016-01-22Select code between "", '', ``, [], (), and {} when will automatically close
SCSS Lint0.4.0chimo2016-01-19Adds SCSS lint support to
funky-theme-for-brackets1.0.02016-01-18A colorful theme for
joshuabrady1.0.4Joshua Brady2016-01-15JoshuaBrady Based off of Coda2's Special
Resize Working Files1.8.0Greg Block2016-01-15Brackets extensions to allow the user to resize the Working Files
Owlary1.0.0mpegyna2016-01-13Inspired by Waher Notepad++ theme by Kristo
Go to Matching Bracket2.2.1David Waterston2016-01-13Instantly locate and place the cursor on the matching bracket to the one under the cursor. Simply place the cursor on any one of {, }, (, ), [ or ] then press CTRL-ALT-RIGHT (CMD-ALT-RIGHT on Mac) or use the 'Navigate... Go to Matching Bracket' menu item to locate and place the cursor on the matching opening or closing bracket. NOTE: v2.0.0 changed the hotkey for compatibility with Brackets
React (.jsx) language mode for Brackets1.0.2apla2016-01-12Added language mode for React (.jsx)
Brackets Selections1.0.1Danny Moerkerke2016-01-12Brackets Extension that adds Sublime Text style selections to
Fira code in Brackets1.1.0Paul de Rosanbo2016-01-11A simple extension that changes the Brackets UI fonts to Fira
Brackets Thymeleaf Code Hint1.0.0Yuuichi Kurata2016-01-10Extend Brackets HTML code hints and collif's Brackets-HTML5CodeHints with Thymeleaf elements like th:if, th:text and attributes such as th:class, th:include,
Lintyai1.2.0Лёха zloy и красивый2016-01-07External linter commander. Work with JS, CSS and LESS, JSON, XML and HTML, PHP and Lua. (Please setup config.js and restart Brackets.)
Ivan Oliveira - HTML5 Generator1.0.0Ivan Oliveira2016-01-06HTML5 generator for new
Kitten Cat Dog Gifs for Relaxation1.0.2Ivan Dimov2016-01-05This extension adds an icon in the right menu that allows you to see as many cat and dog gifs as you want whenever coding becomes
mitchellsimoens.file-tree-exclude1.0.2Mitchell Simoens2016-01-05Excludes folders from the Brackets file system to avoid performance problems using
NewJect Generator1.1.0Hisham Fawaz2016-01-04HTML5,Jquery,CSS Standard Skeleton Generator for new Brackets
String Finder1.0.1Peter Flynn2016-01-04Find all string literals in your JS code, across your whole project – great for localization! Just run "Find > Find All String Literals"
esksideTheme1.0.0Eskside Design2016-01-03Brackets Theme developed by Eskside
Pug (Official Plugin)2.0.0Forbes Lindesay2016-01-03Add first class support for pug (including syntax highlighting). This module is maintained by the maintainer of
Rhode Island Red1.0.7Steve McArthur2016-01-02Silky, dark, maroon based theme to give your code a touch of
Jade Snippets1.0.0George Raptis2016-01-02A collection of Jade snippets for
Verilog Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Luis Gonzalez-Yante2015-12-31Adds support for the Verilog in Brackets text
Brackets Vue0.1.0Pandao2015-12-30Support creating *.vue file on Brackets MenuBar; Support Syntax highlighting for Vue.js components file (.vue)
Moonstalk0.1.0Jacob Jay2015-12-29Add syntax support for Lua language blocks in HTML with Moonstalk. See the homepage to enable in projects by
Icarus Theme1.0.1Jarrod Davis2015-12-28Icarus
Rainbow-ish1.0.2Akash Vartak2015-12-27A VIBGYOR colored
Open In Browser4.1.3Avril Alejandro2015-12-24Open the contents of your current view/tab in a web browser or app
Unique1.0.1Akash Vartak2015-12-24A Simple and Unique
Open as Project0.0.12015-12-22Open as Project is a Brackets extension that lets you select an entry from the Project Tree View, and open it as a project, and then navigate back to the previous selection, using the Project Contextual
Tonight's Specials1.0.6Thom Hines2015-12-21A remake of 'Specials Board' theme included with Coda 2 for Brackets, based on the Specials Menu theme by Max Isom (
HTML Designer for Brackets2.0.6Swagatam Mitra2015-12-21NOW WITH RESPONSIVE DESIGN TOOLS (BETA)! Design and customize web ui with HTML and CSS. Now with taggable Design snippet/bookmark
Gruvbox Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Gruvbox
Gruvbox Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Gruvbox
Base16 Twilight Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Twilight
Base16 Twilight Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Twilight
Base16 Tomorrow Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Tomorrow
Base16 Tomorrow Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Tomorrow
Base16 Solarized Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Solarized
Base16 Solarized Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Solarized
Base16 Shapeshifter Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Shapeshifter
Base16 Shapeshifter Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Shapeshifter
Base16 Pop Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Pop
Base16 Railscasts Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Railscasts
Base16 Railscasts Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Railscasts
Base16 Pop Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Pop
Base16 Paraiso Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Paraiso
Base16 Paraiso Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Paraiso
Base16 Ocean Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ocean
Base16 Ocean Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ocean
Base16 Monokai Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Monokai
Base16 Mocha Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Mocha
Base16 Monokai Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Monokai
Base16 Mocha Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Mocha
Base16 Londontube Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Londontube
Base16 Marrakesh Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Marrakesh
Base16 Marrakesh Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Marrakesh
Base16 Isotope Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Isotope
Base16 Londontube Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Londontube
Base16 Isotope Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Isotope
Base16 Greenscreen Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Greenscreen
Base16 Greenscreen Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Greenscreen
Base16 Grayscale Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Grayscale
Base16 Grayscale Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Grayscale
Base16 Flat Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Flat
Base16 Flat Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Flat
Base16 Eighties Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Eighties
Base16 Eighties Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Eighties
Base16 Default Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Default
Base16 Default Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Default
Base16 Chalk Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Chalk
Base16 Chalk Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Chalk
Base16 Bright Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Bright
Base16 Bright Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Bright
Base16 Bespin Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Bespin
Base16 Atelierseaside Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierseaside
Base16 Bespin Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Bespin
Base16 Ateliersulphurpool Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ateliersulphurpool
Base16 Ateliersulphurpool Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ateliersulphurpool
Base16 Atelierseaside Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierseaside
Base16 Ateliersavanna Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ateliersavanna
Base16 Atelierplateau Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierplateau
Base16 Ateliersavanna Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ateliersavanna
Base16 Atelierplateau Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierplateau
Base16 Atelierlakeside Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierlakeside
Base16 Atelierlakeside Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierlakeside
Base16 Atelierheath Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierheath
Base16 Atelierheath Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierheath
Base16 Atelierforest Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierforest
Base16 Atelierforest Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierforest
Base16 Atelierestuary Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierestuary
Base16 Atelierestuary Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierestuary
Base16 Atelierdune Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierdune
Base16 Atelierdune Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Atelierdune
Base16 Ateliercave Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ateliercave
Base16 Ateliercave Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ateliercave
Base16 Ashes Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ashes
Base16 Ashes Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 Ashes
Base16 3024 Light Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 3024
Base16 3024 Dark Theme1.0.1Enrico D'Angelo2015-12-20Completely un-edited theme from Base16 3024
Brackets Builder Extended0.0.6Vhornets<>, Kmashint<>2015-12-19Allow to run build programs (such as running Bash/NodeJS/Python/Ruby/etc. scripts) from Brackets and display results in panel. It is possible to create own build systems via 'Edit>Edit Builder' menu item and editing opened JSON-file (you need to restart Brackets). Press Ctrl(Cmd)-B to build current file. Extended from
Ionic Framework Code Hinting0.5.0Chris Griffith2015-12-16Code hinting for the Ionic
Brackets Power Mode0.0.5Alexander2015-12-15Press Ctrl+Alt+0 to unleash The Power. Only one cursor at a time can have The
ColorPal1.0.1Soenke Tenckhoff http://www.pixelhoch2.de2015-12-14Adds the option to determine some colors and copy/insert them into your
Stylus Auto Compile1.0.1Serghei Grigoruta2015-12-14Extension for Brackets - autocompile stylus files into
Style Fat Arrows0.1.3Lance Campbell2015-12-13Change the syntax style color of all Javascript fat arrows from 'operator' to 'keyword'
quickJS0.0.5Simon2015-12-11Quickly insert JS and jQuery
Autobabel1.0.0Iddan Aharonson2015-12-11Transform ES6 and JSX files into ES5 automatically using
RecognEyes Attempt1.0.0Keith Robertson2015-12-09A theme based on RecognEyes, available on DreamWeaver
PhoneGap Spain Theme0.0.2José Jesús2015-12-08PhoneGap Spain Theme for
Indent softwrapped lines0.2.7Dmitry Shpika2015-12-07When a line does not fit in editing area, it is softwrapped. This extension makes it so the wrapped part (2nd and subsequent lines) has the same indentation as the 1st
YUIDoc comments inserter1.2.0Steve McArthur2015-12-06Inserts YUIDoc comment blocks when you select/highlight a function or property. Use Ctr+Alt+Y and a YUIDoc comment block will be inserted with the correct function/property names. Provides the starting framework within which you can then edit things such as description. Works with JS, CoffeeScript and
One Dark Material Theme1.0.1Gabriel2015-12-05One Drak Material Theme for
CSS - Color Marker1.0.0Ali Raza2015-12-05A versatile color marker for CSS created to help designers/developers view assigned color values without leaving the text-editor or hover
Codecademy | Dark1.0.1unsyllable2015-12-04Dark and flat style theme for Brackets. Inspired by Codecademy
OS X Style | Flat & Dark1.0.3zebrasinpyjamas2015-12-04Dark and flat style theme for Brackets. Created with color palette of iOS
brackets alignment0.2.0mikey.zhaopeng2015-12-04A Brackets extension to align assignments and object literals (Hotkey: Ctrl+\)
YUIDoc comments inserter ext1.1.0mikey.zhaopeng2015-12-04Inserts YUIDoc comment blocks when you select/highlight a function or property. Use Ctr+Alt+Y and a YUIDoc comment block will be inserted with the correct function/property names. Provides the starting framework within which you can then edit things such as description. Works with JS, CoffeeScript and ES6.base
CIS-3238: Contextual Hints1.0.0Ezra Sowden-Guzman <> and Rachel Tritsch <>2015-12-03This is a group project for Temple University CIS 3238, Fall 2015. The goal of this project is to give the user the ability to get contextual help with CSS (and HTML, if there's time) via a hotkey. We promise we thought this up before finding out about Quck Docs!
brackets-eslint0.0.1François de Campredon2015-12-03Adds ESLint support to
MI word-wrap1.0.2Tindo Ngoufo Arsel2015-12-03Simple extension that can set enable / disable word-wrap in brackets
Highlight Multibyte Symbols1.0.1assialiholic2015-12-03Highlight multibyte symbols and alphabets.(including Show Whitespace by DennisKehrig) NOTE:Please disable Show Whitespace before
Rust IDE1.0.8Rrandom2015-12-03Help coding Rust in Brackets: lint, autocomplete, quick-edit, syntax
Select Tag Contents1.0.3Matthew Seiler2015-12-02Provides a shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A) for selecting all content between tags in HTML, PHP,
Monokai Dark Juice0.1.3Jacob H2015-12-02A dark brackets theme focused on readability, based on Dark Soda, Stripper and Monokai color
Charcoal1.0.0Manmeet S. Oberoi2015-12-02This theme is named after a pretty chill cafe near my house :P!
helloWorld0.0.1Arun Bose2015-12-02Helllo world
ACB GIMEpix Placeholder1.0.0Antonio Carlos Barbosa2015-11-18Generate placeholder Images from More than 14.000 Hi-res public images in 47 categories for your
Default Dark - Base162.0.0Skjnldsv, Anthony Romaniello2015-11-17Completely un-edited Dark from ocean from
SOY for Brackets1.0.1Katinka Orosz2015-11-17Soy Syntax and quick edit
Kate ++0.1.0SS Virk2015-11-17This is emulating color themes seen in Ubuntu Gedit, Kate Color
Brackets Devicons1.0.0Björn Vermeule2015-11-16File tree icons for Brackets based on Devicons
Custom image for Brackets0.0.3Juanan2015-11-16Add a custom image tag. Fork from 'placeholdit-for-brackets' by Enton Biba. Credits: &
True Tomorrow - Base161.2.0Anthony Romaniello2015-11-16Completely un-edited Tomorrow from Base16. No modifications
True Ocean - Base161.4.0Anthony Romaniello2015-11-16Completely un-edited Ocean from Base16. No modifications
Flotsam1.0.0Otterpus2015-11-13A Brackets theme for
New Moon Themes1.0.0Tania Rascia2015-11-13Paint with all the colors of the moon! The beautiful syntax highlighting you know and love is now available in all your favorite flavors - Monokai, Tomorrow Night, One Dark, and more!
ACB Bootstrap Snippets0.0.14Antonio Carlos Barbosa2015-11-12A collection of Bootstrap snippets for Brackets (Now with 601 bs3 commands including media query default sizes and Jasny Bootstrap!!!)
JSLint Configurator1.1.13George Raptis2015-11-12Enables configuration of JSLint options. Extract JSLint options to
New jQuery Document !1.1.1Shoreful Islam Ziyad @shoreful - Total Tech Team - , totaltechteams@gmail.com2015-11-12Brackets New jquery Document. Easily connect with jQuery, CSS, javascript link,
Extensions Toolbar Reposition0.2.10Alex Bardanov2015-11-11Move extension toolbar to bottom to enlarge editor window. Hide and manage extension
RAML API Console0.2.0Alex Bardanov2015-11-10API Console is a graphical user interface for a RAML-defined API that visually exposes the API’s structure and important patterns and serves as interactive API
HTML Wrapper1.2.0rcaferati2015-11-09Format <ul>, <ol>, <nav>, <select> and <tr> children tags with a single command. NOW with improved
SFtpUpload1.3.11Wang Yu2015-11-09Upload changed files in your project to a server via SFTP(SCP)/FTP, you have total control over which to upload through the changed files panel. Contributors: danielkratz, mhentgesarrow, dedo1911, swengmatt, M1szelek, dennistobar, zarnivoop, Antoine SARRAZIN, marioletta,
ACB Tartan Background Image Picker1.0.3Antonio Carlos Barbosa2015-11-08Pick an image (pattern) to use as background. - Generates a CSS background: url(data:image/ ... ) code block at caret
Brackets Synapse1.2.90Kohei Hayashi2015-11-05Brackets extension for file sync between local and remote via FTP, Connect to server via SFTP protocol is now available. Show Release Note:
Plasma Light Theme1.0.0Zahid Wakeel2015-11-04Designed to be a little different against the general dark grey theme that most of us are acquainted with. Programmers used to coding in C/C++ old compilers will feel right at home with this
Hakoiko Syntax Theme1.0.0hakoiko2015-11-03Hakoiko Theme for Brackets. Inspired from HTML
Monokai Dark Soda1.0.9rain2015-11-02Dark theme based on Dark Soda and Monokai color
G-Code Syntax Highlighter0.1.0Mike Centola2015-11-02Brackets highlighter extension for CNC
More HTML5 Code Hints + Fat-Free Framework Template Tags1.0.1Microgamer2015-10-31!!Original from but extended with own code!!Extends HTML code hints with more HTML5 elements and attributes such as picture, srcset, inputmode as well as HTML4 elements such as cellpadding, cellspacing and iframe. Supports the Fat-Free Framework Templatingengine as
Editor Line Style0.0.0Miguel Castillo2015-10-30Set line styles for the
Brackets Groovy1.0.1Marlon Diego Casagranda França2015-10-29Groovy Enhancements for Brackets
Brackets Snippets (by zaggino)0.6.2Martin Zagora2015-10-28Snippets extension for
Polymer Code Hinting0.1.2Chris Griffith2015-10-27Code hinting for the Polymer
GitHub Utilities1.0.0Peter Flynn2015-10-26Adds Navigate menu items to open a browser tab on GitHub for any file in your project, and to open GitHub's Blame view for the current line in the current
CSSFier1.5.2rcaferati2015-10-26Convert HTML into CSS/SCSS/LESS by pasting HTML blocks into CSS/SCSS/LESS file. NOW with improved
Hacker Theme1.0.0Sebastian Safari2015-10-26This theme is made to look like a black terminal with green jquery@hotmail.com2015-10-26expand selection to
OrangePeel1.0.0Randy Olson2015-10-24I just wanted an
New Sun1.0.3Tania Rascia2015-10-23New Sun Theme for Brackets. A beautiful, middle contrast light theme inspired by Twilight, Tomorrow Night Eighties and GitHub/Gist, based on the New Moon
Fallout1.0.0Randy Olson2015-10-23Greeeetings chilllldren!! I love Fallout. So do
Command Line Shortcuts0.2.4Anton Ivanov2015-10-22Execute commands with keyboard shortcuts: build, server re-start, fetch the latest sources, etc. Easily
Node.js bindings1.4.22015-10-22Execute node scripts and common npm commands inside
Convergent1.0.0Ronnie Dutta2015-10-20A cooler & slightly punchier colour palette, based on the Brackets Dark theme. The PHP styling is better for when mixed with HTML/
ACB Bootswatch Theme Picker1.0.4Antonio Carlos Barbosa2015-10-19The Bootswatch Theme Picker for Brackets integrates Bootswach with your Bootstrap code
MODO Filetypes1.0.0Adam OHern2015-10-19MODO file extension
Lorem Pixel0.1.6Alex Bardanov2015-10-19Generate placeholder images for every
Projects0.1.8Alex Bardanov2015-10-19Open your projects from handy modal dialog. Really helpful if you have a lot of
Brackets Ionic-Cli1.1.2Herve de CHAVIGNY2015-10-19Extension pour IonicFramework, principales commandes
Swatcher1.2.2FreaKzero2015-10-18Generates CodeHints/Colorpalettes from importing via LESS/SASS Files, Images (Colorpicker) or Adobe Swatchfiles (*.aco, *.ase)
Ember.js templates (HTMLBars) Syntax Highlighter1.0.2Arnaud PEZEL2015-10-17Add syntax highlighting support for ember.js template language
Markdown Preview1.0.11Glenn Ruehle2015-10-16Live preview of markdown
Brackets Git Branch3.0.6Matthieu Lassalvy2015-10-16Show project's git branch in status Brackets status bar. Only tested on WNDOWS, not yet tested under UNIX. So if you find any bug please submit an issue ;). NOTE: path to git exec must be setted in your global environement path
ACB New Bootstrap Template1.0.0Antonio Carlos Barbosa2015-10-15Create a new HTML file with a basic Bootstrap
Violet Light Theme1.0.0Tzuyang Tsai2015-10-13A light
Contrast blue theme1.1.0alan valejo <>2015-10-12Contrast Blue Theme for
JSCS for Brackets0.7.5Evgueni Naverniouk2015-10-10Adds JSCS support to Brackets. JSCS is a code style linter for programmatically enforcing your style guide. You can configure JSCS for your project in detail using over 120 validation
EditedTwilight1.0.2Aary Trivedi2015-10-09You will love to use this theme if you have used it once. if you not belive this then try
Permanent Scrollbars0.1.0Matt Stow matt@mattstow.com2015-10-09Makes the file list scrollbars always
AngularJS Code Hints0.0.3Sirajuddin Choudhary2015-10-08Extend Brackets HTML code hints and collif's Brackets-HTML5CodeHints with AngularJS elements like ng-include, ng-view and attributes such as ng-class, ng-controller,
Sencha0.3.1Mitchell Simoens2015-10-08Extension to integrate Sencha products into
Node Inspector0.0.5Mitchell Simoens2015-10-06Extension to turn on/off
set the language of map file1.0.2Avril Alejandro2015-10-05type a comment in the document head with the language desired > ([//map js]
copy the path a file1.0.0Avril Alejandro2015-10-05copy the path a file (selected file > context menu [WORKING_SET_CONTEXT_MENU, PROJECT_MENU])
Violet Dark Theme1.0.0Tzuyang Tsai2015-10-03A dark
Inline calculator1.0.0Alexander Taratin2015-10-03Plugin for performing quick inline calculations with a simple
Animations deactivator1.0.0Alexander Taratin2015-10-02Disable animations for better
Stripper0.1.1Bruce McElroy2015-09-29A brackets theme focused on
Name-a-project0.0.6Pete Nykänen2015-09-24Extension to enable personalized, per-project nicknames for
Smooth Neutrals1.0.2Gregory Smith2015-09-24Modified Son of Hammsidian Theme. Support for wangling in the colors of Jeff Booher's Bookmarks Extension to better fit the Smooth Neutrals
Jade (Preprocessor Fork)2.1.0Sven Slootweg2015-09-23Add first class support for jade (including syntax highlighting). This fork features better highlighting for inline
Orchid Theme1.1.1Patrick Fricano2015-09-23Orchid theme for
OS X Style - Flat & Dark1.0.2Altay Aydemir2015-09-21Dark and flat style theme for Brackets. Created with color palette of iOS
Neon Morning1.1.0Dustin Dowell2015-09-20Like Neon, but more upbeat and happy. Themed Code Folding and CSS Color
Fortran Programming Language syntax highlighter0.0.1Pete Nykänen2015-09-16Brings support for Fortran Programming Language from CodeMirror to
Apyx easy Dark1.0.0Arnaud PEZEL2015-09-16A dark, easy to read, relaxing
HTML comment button1.0.2Reece Griffin2015-09-15Inspired by Dreamweaver's code editor. Allows you to apply/remove HTML comments (<!-- ... -->) to/from the currently selected text without touching your
C style comment button1.0.1Reece Griffin2015-09-14Inspired by Dreamweaver's code editor. Allows you to apply/remove c-style comments to/from the currently selected text without touching your keyboard. C-style comments are the same /* ... */ format that is used in c, c++, Objective-C, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, and
Github/Gist Theme0.0.1Cometeer2015-09-12Light Github-like
Angular Material Code Hinting0.1.1Chris Griffith2015-09-12Code hinting for the Angular
OnsenUI Framework Code Hinting0.3.1Chris Griffith2015-09-12Code hinting for the OnsenUI
Ordered Ctrl+TAB Navigation0.0.1Marco Fugaro2015-09-11Navigate tabs with the Ctrl+(Shift)+TAB shortcut in the list
Bootstrap Skeleton0.2.0Miro Rauhala2015-09-11Add a Bootstrap Skeleton to your
Robcaa Dark Theme1.0.1Robert Girhiny2015-09-11Dark theme for brackets by
CSScomb1.0.0Ilya Akhmadullin2015-09-11Format CSS files with
icy Sun1.0.1Alonso Zamorano2015-09-11No
Blueprint0.2.0Alonso Zamorano2015-09-11A simple theme to make coding easier with emphasis in color
Mystique0.1.9Morris Allison III2015-09-10A soft, dark theme that makes code look
Oz Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Anthony Gégo2015-09-09Oz Syntax Highlighting for the Brackets
Lorem Breizhum1.0.3YoruNoHikage yorunohikage@gmail.com2015-09-07Generates Lorem Breizhum text automatically in any Brackets document. Forked from
Zombie theme1.0.1Andrey Saponenko2015-09-05Dark zombie theme for
Quick Markup3.3.0Randy Edmunds2015-09-04Quick Markup allows fast HTML markup generation as you type similar to what how a rich text editor works. Tags and shortcuts are configurable. Multiple cursor
File Tree Exclude0.6.3Jon Wolfe2015-09-03Excludes folders from the Brackets file system to avoid the 30,000 file limit. This is an updated version of Glenn Ruehle's now defunkt
Brackets WordPress Hooks Hints1.0.2Mignon Style2015-08-31Brackets WordPress Hooks Hints - Provides code hints for hook for the WordPress Themes and/or
Brackets WordPress Functions Hints1.0.2Mignon Style2015-08-31Brackets WordPress Functions Hints - Provides code hints for function for the WordPress Themes and/or
Brackets MySQL simple table show0.0.11miton2015-08-31A Brackets extension who show entries of MySQL
darkron1.0.0Rohan Pawar2015-08-31This theme is for dark theme
ECT Syntax Highlight1.1.1Viktor Yakubiv2015-08-27Add syntax highlighting support for the ECT Template Engine (, backward compatible with
ES6 to ES5 AutoCompile (babeljs)1.0.1Hugo Ratiney2015-08-27Automatically compiles ES6 code to ES5 upon
Brackets Bower0.2.13Albertina Durante2015-08-27Manage your application's front-end dependencies using Bower. You can install and prune dependencies using the bower.json file and configure Bower through .bowerrc. Also, quickly install front-end packages by hitting Ctrl/Cmd-Alt-B, then start typing the name of a package. Once you see the package you want, hit Enter and the package will be installed into your project folder. NOTE: To install some packages, you must have Git
adenin Mobility Portal Builder0.1.2adenin TECHNOLOGIES2015-08-26Provides mobile device previews and code hints for Polymer and Tangere
LÖVE Hints for Brackets.io1.1.0Steffan Donal2015-08-26Provides LÖVE2D code hints!
Themes NewDay1.0.0Kimiryo2015-08-22This is theme new fashion! Have fun
Robcaa Light Theme1.0.0Robert Girhiny2015-08-22Light theme for brackets by
Touch Me1.0.3Oleksandr Korzhykov2015-08-20Use Brackets on the touchscreen
Transliteration for Brackets1.0.3Slobodan Marković2015-08-19This extension provides text transliteration for
Ocean dark1.0.3Vivien Schüler2015-08-18A dark theme with a ocean-inspired and readable
Quick multi-cursor selection0.0.4Louie Almeda2015-08-17Sublime's quick text selection of next matching text (ctrl + D) implemented in
Custom Region Code Folding1.1.0Patrick Oladimeji2015-08-16Brackets extension that provides the ability to define custom collapsible code regions in the
Tutorials0.2.7Denisov212015-08-16Add links (MDN, W3 School Tutorial, Brackets-Dev, Brackets Themes, Trello, Waffle, Brackets Wiki) into
Replace In Selection1.0.0Rhuno2015-08-16This extension allows you to do a find and replace all within selected text. Shortcut is
Column Ruler2.3.12Lance Campbell2015-08-13An adjustable column ruler for
Standard Code Style1.1.1Isham Faizal2015-08-13Brackets extension for standard, a simple linter with sensible defaults. Requires a global installation of
Braxets — Haxe Environment0.5.1Benjamin Dasnois2015-08-12Provides you with autocompletion for
Language Haml1.0.0Richard Bowen2015-08-11Syntax highlighting for the Haml markup
HTML Skeleton1.4.3Triangle7172015-08-10Easily insert a variety of HTML elements into your
Vimderbar0.11.1daveosborne2015-08-10Adds vim-like functionality & status bar to
Kettle1.1.0Nelson Kamga2015-08-07A Brackets extension that compiles coffeescript files upon
Dark Proton Theme1.0.0shohan45562015-08-06Save your eyes, best theme for
Cowsay1.0.1Lance Campbell2015-08-05Generate a cow saying very profound and silly
Fortune1.0.1Lance Campbell2015-08-05Insert a random fortune into the Brackets
Test Shell Extension1.0.1Lance Campbell2015-08-05A very simple extension that provides an empty extension test shell to run any code from within the Brackets
Theme Ethereal1.0.0Martial James Jefferson2015-08-05An immortal theme for the Brackets IDE, easy on the eyes (and conscience)
Geekowater0.1.4Roberth Chan chanbalamb@gmail.com2015-07-31Tema Geeko basado en la guía de estilo de Peter Gabriel's Debut Album en
brackets-cucumber0.12.1thr0w2015-07-31Gherkin/Cucumber/Feature files editor for Brackets, with beautify, row inserting in
Brackets Fusion1.3.5Max Graey maxgraey@gmail.com2015-07-31Based on Smooth Neutrals Theme. Support for wangling in the colors of Jeff Booher's Bookmarks
Encode1.0.0Mr. Dollywaggit2015-07-30A design-oriented theme that doesn't hurt your
Ez SQF Search1.0.0Fini2015-07-30Search SQF commands straight from BIS
RPM Spec Syntax Highlighting0.1.1Mark Anderson2015-07-29Syntax highlighting for RPM spec
simple-blue-theme0.1.0Alonso Zamorano2015-07-29A simple theme to make coding easier with emphasis in color
Brackets JS Concat1.0.0Sergiu Miclea2015-07-28Concatenates a list of files into one big file. NEW: minify the concatenated
Brackets Stylus Code Hints0.1.0Amin Ullah Khan2015-07-27Provides Code Hinting in Stylus
Novo do Template1.0.0Warnney Salvatore2015-07-24Create an HTML or CSS skeleton in just 2
Interactive Linter1.0.5Miguel Castillo2015-07-24Interactive linting for
Insert Codehint With Tab1.0.0Ian Wehrman2015-07-24Use the tab key to insert code hints in Brackets. Original repo:
brackets-phonegap-codehints-quickdocsjs1.1.1lihong2015-07-24CodeHints for PhoneGap functions,Inline short documentation for PhoneGap functions, including a summary,syntax and
Hack.Chat Integration0.0.5Ayoob Ali2015-07-22This extension is integration with
Rename JavaScript Identifier0.2.9Asger Feldthaus2015-07-21Rename any JavaScript identifier. Place the cursor on an identifier and press
Magento Hint1.1.1Rafael Corrêa Gomes2015-07-21Ideal for developing Magento themes, get hints of the main functions, classes and
Asterisk Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Matthew Jarvis2015-07-21Syntax highlighting for Asterisk dialplan
Directory Search1.1.1Louie Almeda2015-07-21Search files within your project directory in an intituitive and simple
White Space Sanitizer1.2.1Miguel Castillo2015-07-19Bring sanity to your white spaces and tabs leveraging Brackets
ACB Jade to Bootstrap Snippets0.0.1Antonio Carlos Barbosa2015-07-18A collection of Jade to Bootstrap snippets for
Ceratrior II (inspired by Material design)0.0.2Kirill A. Khalitov voronar@gmail.com2015-07-18Material dark theme(beta) for
Oneliner0.2.0rcaferati2015-07-17Remove all the line breaks and convert multilined text blocks into one line. NOW with live
A11YLint1.0.0DuaneOBrien2015-07-17accessibility Testing for the html
accessability2.2.2Raymond Camden2015-07-17Adds W3C validation support to
Brackets Trello0.1.6NeoBrackets Working Group2015-07-15Sync tasks with
HTML Templates1.3.5Travis Almand2015-07-15Inserts HTML from a pre-made list of
Dark Contrast Theme1.0.3Aloup Shmederheisen2015-07-14Easy to see what is what and what you've done wrong!
JSHint Configurator1.1.6George Raptis2015-07-12Enables configuration of JSHint options. Reads from current document's inline configuration directive or from '.jshintrc' configuration file. Extract JSHint options to JSON
Subtly Light1.0.3Jay Boucher2015-07-10A subtly colored light theme. Designed for legibility, quick reference and
colorHints1.1.2Konstantin Kobs2015-07-10Show colors you used in your CSS file before as code
Tab tags1.0.9Bryan Horna2015-07-09Indents HTML/XML tags and JS & PHP
R Language Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Andrew MacKenzie2015-07-08Uses the R mode from
Brackets Dash2.1.3Raymond Camden2015-07-08Adds Dash integration with Brackets. Requires Dash and
BluePrint Beta0.9.3salt422015-07-08Code minimap and hierarchic outline viewer for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, PHP and
PHP SmartHints1.2.2Andrew MacKenzie2015-07-08Provides code hints for PHP files including PHP keywords, built-in functions, constants and variables. Also provides hinting for variables in the current open PHP document. Note that this is a continuation of the former [PHP-SIG] Brackets-PHP-SmartHints and not a new extension or fork. The Brackets Registry flags it as a new extension if you change the name (makes sense)
Gemstones Theme Light1.0.0Myriam2015-07-07Light Theme with calm, cool-toned colors, that don't hurt your
Closure Linter0.4.0Daniel Muller2015-07-04Lint javascript files according to the Google style guide and automatically fix linting
Highlight and Search1.1.2Nawfal Mahdi2015-07-03Serach Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, and Stackoverflow From
One Dark Theme0.0.2Hikio2015-07-03GitHub Atom editor One Dark theme, ported for
brackets-flow-lint0.1.1Ole Kröger2015-07-02Facebook Flow support for
Brackets Beautify1.0.2Jan Pilzer2015-07-01Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files and related languages. This is a fork of drewhamlett's Beautify extension using the latest version (1.5.10) of the js-beautify
Naturegreen Dark0.0.2Thiago Gomes2015-07-01Nature green syntax theme is a fork of One-dark-syntax. Colors were changed to the green colors
Epic Green1.0.0Stephen Santilli2015-06-27A very nice and pretty green dark Brackets theme that is easy on the
Deep Blue Brackets Theme1.2.0Neats292015-06-27A theme for the Adobe Brackets text
Nunjucks syntax highlighter1.0.1Axel Bocciarelli2015-06-26Extension for Brackets providing syntax highlighting for the Nunjucks templating
Brackets Sort Text0.1.4Ingo Richter2015-06-26Sort Text extension for Brackets. Provide operations to sort, reverse, randomize and remove duplicate
Guacamayo0.1.0blonfu2015-06-25Readable and high-contrast dark theme for
END_OF_LINE0.1.1J. Austin Hughey2015-06-25Convert your Brackets docs to *nix (LF) format automatically on
Folders First0.1.0Tym Phillips2015-06-24Sort folders first in the sidebar on OS
Dark Deluxe Theme1.0.3Chyno Deluxe2015-06-23Dark flat theme that's great for all nighters. Easy on the eyes and looks awesome!
Zoom Zoom1.0.0Dustin Dowell2015-06-21Zoom zoom the sidebar
Slack Snippet0.3.2Ole Kröger2015-06-20Push code snippets to a slack
Quick Dark1.1.6cheesypoof2015-06-19A dark theme (based on Easy Dark) that makes your code pretty and
Quick Light1.1.6cheesypoof2015-06-19A light theme that makes your code pretty and
Neon Minimap1.0.1Dustin Dowell2015-06-18Neon minimap extension for
Neon1.1.8Dustin Dowell2015-06-18A cool, bright and sleek theme. Themed Code Folding and CSS Color
Darktooth0.1.0Poorchop2015-06-18Port of the Emacs Darktooth theme to
Adl Syntax Highlighting0.1.0Marko Pipan2015-06-17Provides ADL syntax
Dracula1.0.1Paul Anthony Webb2015-06-17A theme of terrible evil, for your coding pleasure, bwahahahahahaaa-cough-haaaa. Oh yeah, you will need to install the Brackets UI Theming Enable plugin too, for the full Dracula
somethingBlue1.0.0Angus MacRae2015-06-17A blueprint like theme for
Laravel Blade0.4.0António Pinto2015-06-16Syntax highlighting and Code Hints for Laravel Blade. Update 0.3.0: Code Hint
KeyStrap1.0.0Asher Peruscini2015-06-13Add Bootstrap 3 HTML5 Snippets to your page by hitting keyboard
Zurb Foundation for Apps Framework Code Hinting0.1.0Chris Griffith2015-06-12Code hinting for the Zurb Foundation for Apps
Show Whitespace VS1.2.4Pat Lillis2015-06-12Visualize whitespace (both spaces and tabs) in the same style as Visual
Epic Light2.0.0Stephen Santilli2015-06-12Have an epic day with the Epic Light theme, a nice and elegant light
Js-Beautify0.0.3Ochou2015-06-12Beautify JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and
Guidelines1.0.1Yellow Hangar2015-06-12Displays column guidelines (print margins) at a specified column. Works with multiple panes, inline code editors, and supports custom
Epic Night1.0.0Stephen Santilli2015-06-11Have an Epic Night with the epic night
Brackets Persistent History0.0.1Pete Nykänen2015-06-10Extension that saves editing history between changing projects or closing
Explicit0.0.2Devilly2015-06-10Dark theme using in-your-face colors for expressive code
anyandgo-brackets1.0.0Piero Blunda2015-06-10any·and·go Docs viewer for brackets -
Gemstones Theme1.0.0Myriam2015-06-09Dark Theme with calm, cool-toned colors, that don't hurt your
Trailingspaces0.0.2Scientech LLC2015-06-08Extension which visualizes trailing
Bootstrap 3 Snippets0.1.0Vinit Tiwari2015-06-06Add Bootstrap 3 HTML5 Snippets to your page by hitting Ctrl-Shift keys with designated snippets eg. P for panel
Bluee1.0.0Kornel Ceglarek2015-06-05Pretty Brackets #
truedesign Subtle>2015-06-05Color
Monokromatik-blue1.0.0Derek Skinner2015-06-03A dark blue variation of the original Monokromatik-green
Monokromatik-green1.0.0Derek Skinner2015-06-03This dark monochrome green theme is based on the monochrome monitors used from 1960's-1980'
Maximize Editor0.1.1Tan Nhu - active editor. Go to View > Maximize Editor or use shortcut Command+Shift+Enter (Mac)/Control+Shift+Enter (Windows)
Lunies0.0.2Lucas Liza2015-06-03A flat theme, inspired by the night
Zotero Integration0.1.7Wasif Hasan Baig2015-06-02Add In-Text Citations and Manage Bibliographies in Scholarly Markdown using
PH easy dark1.0.0Pooria Han2015-06-01The Modified version of JetBrains WebStorm theme, more easy, more
PHP Debugger0.0.4Johan Sörlin2015-06-01Enables full PHP Debugging using xdebug in
FTP-Sync Plus2.0.4Tim Burgess2015-06-01FTP/SFTP upload for
Gedit_Lover1.0.0Masoud Valizadeh2015-06-01for gedit lovers and who don't just var_dump() anything they see, but use their
Luacheck1.0.0Malcolm Taylor2015-05-31Adds Luacheck support to
copycase0.0.1Anoop Elias2015-05-31CopyCase plugin for brackets enable copying text in snake-case to CamelCase and vice-versa, useful for angular
Brackets Snippets (by edc)1.8.1Edward Chu2015-05-31Imitate Sublime Text's behavior of snippets, and bring it to
Brackets Script Builder and framework launcher0.1.0Jean Baudin2015-05-29Allows to run programs contained in one file (can be used for Scala, Java, Python, Ruby, Node, C++, Bash) from Brackets and display results in panel. It is possible to create own build systems via 'Edit > Script Builder Configuration' menu item and editing opened JSON file (you need to restart Brackets afterwards). Based on Brackets Builder ( I add to the original one a framework management and also an OS detection for execution. Add frameworks over the UI Keyboard shortcuts: * Alt-F12 to show the dialog for framework choice / add. * Alt-F8 to launch the environment. <br /> * Alt-F1 to run current file as a script. * F10 to compile current file. * F11 to run compilation
Toggle Working Files panel1.0.1Tan Nhu - Working Files panel. Go to View > Toggle Working
Brackets New Project Creator0.4.98Jeffry Booher2015-05-26Create New Projects without leaving
Son of Obsidian Theme1.0.1Mgen2015-05-26A slightly modified version of original 'Son of Obsidian' theme for Visual
Robot framework mode1.2.0Bryan Oakley2015-05-25Editing mode for Robotframework plain text files, providing syntax highlighting, code folding, auto-completion (requires robotframework-hub - and
Proper Indent0.1.0Arzhan "kai" Kinzhalin2015-05-25Hack on multiple diverse projects at the same time? Each using different indent? This extension will save you a lot of time switching your Brackets indent
DarkPanja1.0.0Fletcher Henneman2015-05-23A Dark Theme By
M4 Macro Syntax Highlighter0.1.1Graham Lee Bevan2015-05-23Simple Syntax highlighting for M4 Macro files (e.g. Autoconf). To improve editting of files
Rolando Zabala II's Dark Theme1.0.0Rolando Zabala II2015-05-20A dark theme based on Brackets Default Dark Theme
Neon Highway1.0.0Arkodeb Maity2015-05-20A neon theme for
Sand1.0.0Arkodeb Maity2015-05-20A desert inspired theme for
UI too small0.0.4Brandon Bertelsen2015-05-19Increase font sizes for people working on high dpi displays on
Lucee0.1.1DannyCork2015-05-18Lucee Support for
Insert Copyright1.0.3Joe Ireland2015-05-18A Brackets extension to insert a copyright notice at the top of your documents (Hotkey: Alt+C)
Brackets Font0.4.5Nicolò Ribaudo2015-05-16This extensions displays Svg, TrueType, OpenType and WOFF fonts. See "More info..." for
mannari1.0.0Ryota Mannari2015-05-15A phantom color scheme for
Http Server for Brackets1.0.7Sergiu Miclea2015-05-14Launches an http-server module ( at project root and opens the selected file in a new browser tab. NEW:
XQuery1.1.0Oleksii Segeda2015-05-14XQuery language support and syntax
Solarized Dark1.1.0Shane Ramiah2015-05-13Solarized Dark
Pretty Light Theme (for Brackets)1.0.0MMK Jony2015-05-13A Pretty Light theme for Brackets, by MMK Jony. This theme is designed with some pretty color-scheme to make your code-editor much eye-friendly and
Neptune1.0.0Malindu Warapitiya2015-05-09Take your code to another
Cardboard0.4.0Kyle Hornberg <> ( packages/dependencies for your
Brackets Script Builder0.0.8Ghaxx2015-05-08Allows to run programs contained in one file (can be used for Scala, Java, Python, Ruby, Node, C++, Bash) from Brackets and display results in panel.<br/>It is possible to create own build systems via 'Edit > Script Builder Configuration' menu item and editing opened JSON file (you need to restart Brackets afterwards).<br/>Based on Brackets Builder (<br/><br/>Keyboard shortcuts:<br/> * F9 to run current file as a script.<br/> * F10 to compile current file.<br/> * F11 to run compilation
Brackets Builder0.0.5Vhornets<>2015-05-07Allow to run build programs (such as running Python/Ruby/Node/etc scripts) from Brackets and display results in panel. It is possible to create own build systems via 'Edit>Edit Builder' menu item and editing opened JSON-file (you need to restart Brackets). Press Ctrl(Cmd)-B to build current
Show Recently Used Items0.5.7Avril Alejandro2015-05-06Add a menu at the top of the editor with a list of all the files shown
Select Word1.0.1Matthias Kaulartz2015-05-06Select the word at the current cursor postion like if you double-click
Ant Theme1.0.6Antonia Ciocodeica2015-05-06Dark color theme meant to be easy on the
CoffeeScript1.1.7Giovanni Calò2015-05-05Improves syntax highlighting for CoffeeScript and
Brackets Additional Right Click Menu0.5.1Deddy Lasmono Putro2015-05-05A Brackets extension that add additional functionality to Brackets editor right menu, like cut, copy, paste, select all, Camel Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, fix indentation and some functionality from edit menu. changelog: added a shortcuts to some menu items, Fixed some bugs with brackets 1.3 paste, added fix indentation, bug fix for uppercase, lowercase and camelcase selection behaviour and change it's short cut
Vintage Terminal Effect1.1.0Alex Bardanov2015-05-04Enhance your editor area with visual effects of Vintage Terminal. Supporting any dark theme for
Flat Zeedijk0.1.0Frédéric Serva2015-05-02Light theme for Adobe
Go Formatter (gofmt) for Brackets1.0.9earthspace2015-05-01One-Touch Go language file formatter. Reformats the contents of an open Go (golang) file using
File Navigation Shortcuts1.1.0Peter Flynn2015-04-29(1) Go to next/previous editor in list order, instead of MRU – Ctrl-]/[ (⌘⇧]/[ on Mac) and (2) Quick Open filtered to just your open "Working Files" – Ctrl-Shift-E (⌘⇧E on Mac)
Jump to Matching Brace1.1.0Peter Flynn2015-04-29Jump cursor from one brace/bracket/parenthesis to its matching counterpart by tapping Ctrl-Shift-[
Eclipse Theme Light1.0.0Raymond Xie2015-04-29Brackets port of Eclipse light
LightSoda0.1.5Denisov212015-04-28The LightSoda light theme for Brackets!
Nature0.2.0Denisov212015-04-28The Nature a Dark Theme for Brackets!
DarkSoda0.1.6Denisov212015-04-28The DarkSoda is a Theme for Brackets!
Brackets File Format1.2.2Han Li2015-04-27Indent/Align for all file types. Format or Minify CSS / JSON / XML/ HTML / SQL
Run Script0.6.1Deddy Lasmono Putro2015-04-27Use it to run a selected/all text from opened document as JS inside brackets without opening developer tools. Usefull if you developing a brackets extension or just to try/test your script inside brackets. Especially if you have extension like console plus (, so you don't have to open developer console at all. Now with Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP supports (you must have Python, Ruby and PHP in your system and already set Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP path)!!! Please read more info for Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP support, etc. Use F9 shortcut for running script (run by looking at file extension/language)
Terere0.1.0Alexandre Thebaldi2015-04-27This terere is a theme for Brackets!
Code Folding0.3.5Patrick Oladimeji2015-04-22Brackets extension that provides simple code folding for files edited in brackets. Supports brace folding, tag folding, indent folding and multi-line comment
Flat Attack Dark1.0.5Mark Ostrander2015-04-22Dark theme using flat colors for
Brackets DB Manager0.1.2Deddy Lasmono Putro2015-04-22A brackets extension to querying a database server, now only support SQL server, other database will follow. Now it's only offer basic functionality, like browse databases, tables, show table fields, show table data in a paging table, run query. Changelog on this update: database views, bug fix for table paging, etc. Please click read more to learn how to use it.
Simple Theme1.1.0Mignon Style2015-04-22Simple Light theme for
No Highlight1.0.1Alex Bardanov2015-04-20Dark theme without any syntax highlight
Flat Attack Light1.0.1Mark Ostrander2015-04-18Light theme using flat colors for
Birds Of Paradise1.1.0Jonas Flint2015-04-18Birds of Paradise
FileTreeSync0.0.4Miguel Castillo2015-04-16Open files in Brackets automatically expanding and selecting it the source
Enable Editor's DOM Inspection0.0.3Miguel Castillo2015-04-16Enable or Disable the ability to inspect the Editor's DOM in Chrome Developer
Team Extensions by WebPad0.9.0WebPad Team at Genuitec2015-04-16Share and load your team's preferred extensions via version control. Don’t waste time having everyone figure out which extensions work best for your project!
Widget Development Plugin for Adobe Brackets1.0.4Gerhard Richard Edens2015-04-14This extension turns Adobe Brackets into an IDE for creating Custom Widgets for the Mendix
ECMAScript 6/7 Syntax Highlighting0.0.1Marco Minetti2015-04-13Adds syntax highlighting support for async/
JSHint (async/await)2.7.0Marco Minetti2015-04-13Adds JSHint to Brackets with experimental async/await support (forked from Raymond Camden extension)
Stripper (Clean UI Redo)0.1.1Hendry Sadrak2015-04-11A brackets theme focused on readabilty. Based on the theme made by visualbam -
Flat Attack1.0.0Mark Ostrander2015-04-09Flat color light theme for
Spacegray-Brackets1.1.0Alex Persian2015-04-09The popular Spacegray theme from Sublime Text, now in Brackets!
EditorConfig0.0.4Chen-Heng Chang2015-04-09Supporting EditorConfig
Emmet1.2.2Sergey Chikuyonok2015-04-08High-speed HTML and CSS
Speed Material Dark Theme1.0.0x-mat2015-04-08A dark theme (based on Quick Dark) who use material
Flatness1.0.3Fre De Roover2015-04-08Flatness is a Brackets theme based on Designmodo's flat ui
Base 16 - Ocean Dark1.0.0James Humphries2015-04-03A brackets theme based on base-16 ocean dark with a couple little
CloseAllOpenFiles1.1.5kaala2015-04-02close all opened files on project
Whitespace My Way0.0.1Brad Jones2015-04-02Out of all the whitespace normalizers I couldn't find one that fitted my needs so I made my
omnisharp-brackets0.3.2Mathew McLoughlin mathew.mcloughlin@gmail.com2015-04-01C# IDE plugin for OmniSharp is a family of Open Source projects, each with one goal - To enable great .NET development in YOUR editor of choice. IMPORTANT: You must run the install script in the extension directory for the plugin to work. This is because of a limitation on the size of the extensions
RecognEyes0.1.0Yuriy Tyukhnin2015-04-01Brackets port of Eclipse's RecognEyes
Handlebars/HTMLBars Syntax Highlighter1.2.0Karl-Johan Sjögren2015-03-31Add syntax highlighting support for the handlebars/htmlbars template
Unity1.0.0Malindu Warapitiya2015-03-31Brackets
Favourite Files0.0.1Sathyamoorthi<>2015-03-31Add files to your favourite list and access them across all
Working Files0.0.1Miguel Castillo2015-03-31Reposition working files panel in
JSDownloader3.2.0Raymond Camden2015-03-31Creates a simple way to download JavaScript libraries to your
Git Projects0.0.5Brad Jones2015-03-26Git Projects is a package which allows you to quickly list and open your local git
Pascal Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Dylan Aspden2015-03-25Pascal Syntax for the Brackets
Project Templates1.0.3Denis Vuyka2015-03-25Adds template-based project generation to
PHPLinter for Brackets1.0.2Serghei2015-03-24This extension works using `php -l`
Legibility0.0.3Matt Stow matt@mattstow.com2015-03-23Increase the legibility of Brackets' UI. Useful for High DPI
Brackets Zip0.1.0Nicolò Ribaudo2015-03-23Support for Zip
Obsidian Girón Flores2015-03-23Theme based on Obsidian for Seam and change highlight
DCBlocks0.0.4Ivan Bogachev2015-03-23Adds support for easily creating of comments for DOM elements in HTML/XML code to
Puppet-Syntax0.1.6NextRevision2015-03-18Syntax highlighting for Puppet
Overscroll1.0.1Emmeran2015-03-17Allow the user to scroll below the
Resonant Light0.1.2Consonance2015-03-17Light theme, with dark UI elements. Uses SourceSansPro for comments. Font smoothing is set to sub-pixel for better rendering on Mac OSX. 0.1.2 - Added Documents Toolbar
Brackets-Gulp0.3.1Dalci de Jesus Bagolin, Kris Dages, Kamil Cieślak2015-03-17Adds Gulp.js support to
Darkium Theme1.1.0Pedro THDC<your@email> ( tema para Brackets oscuro identifica de forma sencilla la funcion de cada
Postman0.1.1Alex Bardanov2015-03-15REST Client that simplifies creation and sending of HTTP requests. This is an alpha release. Please report your ideas and
ViewCalc0.1.1Nir Lichtman2015-03-14Viewport (vh/vw)
JSLint error explanations0.1.1Nicolò Ribaudo2015-03-13This extension helps you to understand the sometimes cryptic error messages produced by JSLint, JSHint and ESLint, using data from
Console1.4.1Alexandru Ghiura2015-03-13Shows console.log & console.error & console.warn without developer
Shortcut for moving between splitted windows1.0.0Alexey Oganezov2015-03-13Switch active pane on Alt-W (or your own shortcut)
Blue Dream1.0.0Warnney2015-03-13Why does everyone can dream. Por que todo mundo pode
Dark Cloud1.0.0Warnney2015-03-11Dark and smooth, rest your
Brackets Darker3.2.0Amit Mendapara2015-03-10Darker interface & editor
Gherkin Syntax Highlighting for Brackets0.1.0Starper2015-03-10Provides Gherkin syntax
LiveScript Syntax Highlighting for Brackets0.1.0Starper2015-03-10Provides LiveScript syntax
SVG Preview1.3.0Peter Flynn2015-03-10Live preview SVG files in an inline panel while you edit them. Click in SVG to jump to corresponding
JetBrains Darcula1.0.0Alberto Dorado2015-03-10Dark theme based on JetBrains WebStorm's
Flatlandish0.7.2Nick Murray2015-03-09Theme based roughly off of the Sublime Text Flatland
Tomorrow Night Eighties1.1.2Patrick Fricano2015-03-09Tomorrow Night Eighties theme for
cuwire: IDE for microcontrollers0.5.3Ivan Baktsheev2015-03-08Now Brackets can be used to develop software for MCUs. Throw away you Arduino, Energia and
Dockerfile Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Patrick Busch2015-03-05Syntax highlighting support for
Octave/MATLAB Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Joey Freeman2015-03-05Adds syntax highlighting for Octave/MATLAB .m
More CSS Code Hints1.2.0C.Oliff2015-03-03Extends CSS code hints with more attributes; image-rendering, touch-action, will-change, tab-size, clip-path, user-select and
More HTML5 Code Hints1.2.1C.Oliff2015-03-03Extends HTML code hints with more HTML5 elements and attributes such as picture, srcset, inputmode as well as HTML4 elements such as cellpadding, cellspacing and
JavaScript & CSS CDN Suggestions2.0.3Jack2015-03-02Provides JavaScript and CSS suggestions/hints for libraries hosted on CDNs by Google, CDNJS and
Quick Insert1.0.0dada2015-02-27One key shortcut to insert text/tag/
Lines of Code Counter for JavaScript1.2.0Peter Flynn2015-02-27Counts the number of JavaScript files, lines, and lines of code ("SLOC" - excluding whitespace/comments) in your project. Supports exclusions. To get started, choose "View > Count Lines of Code"
Lint ALL the Things1.1.1Peter Flynn2015-02-27Lint everything in your project in one batch! Optionally filter out certain files or folders, and see all the rest in a consolidated report. To get started, choose "View > Lint Whole Project"
VisibleTabs0.0.3carreau2015-02-26Make tabs visible in
DS Tools0.0.4Aravind Mohan2015-02-24DS Specific tools for
ToggleCase0.1.2Ole Kröger2015-02-24Toggle the case of the current
C++/Objective-C Pack1.0.0Peter Flynn2015-02-24Enhancements for Brackets when working with C, C++, Objective-C or Objective-C++ -- Objective-C/C++ syntax highlighting, Ctrl-T (Quick Find Definition) for navigating a file, Ctrl-J (Jump to Definition) on #include jumps to included file, Ctrl-Shift-J anywhere toggles between header and main src
Dramatic Error Highliting1.0.0Henry LaVoo2015-02-23Overrides theme error highliting for optimal visibility of
No Fade in Split View0.0.1Henry LaVoo2015-02-23Disable fading of inactive window in split
Go-IDE0.0.10David Sánchez i Gregori2015-02-22Go language IDE transformation for brackets (needs gocode)
Swig syntax highlighter0.0.2Abdelouahab2015-02-21Enables Swig highlighting in
Jump to definition into Context Menu1.0.0Joseph Girón <> ()2015-02-20Adds the menu item into the context menu of the editor to jump to
Blumberry Theme1.1.0jomurgel2015-02-17A lightweight Coda-inspired theme for
Brackets Nodejs Theme1.0.0Ashwin Hegde2015-02-17This theme is for Nodejs
ZoomView for Brackets1.0.3Gregor Biswanger2015-02-17ZoomView added a zoom indicator on the bottom left of the
Enhanced Scrollbars1.0.0Shrikant Meena2015-02-16Elegant scrollbars for the brackets
Brackets ESLint0.3.0Andrée Hansson2015-02-15Integration of ESLint into
xcode theme (yosemite) Light5.1.0Avril Alejandro2015-02-12An Brackets theme for a more native experience on OS X Yosemite. to maximize the topic, see (
Go Programming Language syntax highlighter0.0.1Pete Nykänen2015-02-12Brings support for Go Programming Language from CodeMirror to
Brackets Codeintel0.1.1Danny Moerkerke2015-02-12Brackets Extension to navigate to classes and methods in any PHP
spell-check0.5.8Jochen Hagentröm2015-02-10Spell checking the Adobe Brackets Web
Fading Cursor Blink1.0.2Dustin Dowell2015-02-09Fading Cursor
LESSHints1.1.0Konstantin Kobs2015-02-08Autocompletion for LESS
SASSHints1.1.0Konstantin Kobs2015-02-08Autocompletion for SASS/SCSS
Doxygen2.0.0Antonio Vélez2015-02-08This extension offers to programmers an easy way to include doxygen comments in their
CDN Finder0.1.1Alex Bardanov2015-02-07Search for javascript libraries, jQuery plugins, fonts, CSS frameworks and anything else you might need. You can submit own
Brackets UI Custom CSS0.1.1Tobias Beer2015-02-07apply custom css to brackets
Sidebar Reloaded1.0.0Dustin Dowell2015-02-06Sidebar
Brackets File Icons1.3.1Drew Koch2015-02-05File icons in Brackets' file
Brackets LinqSharp (by karthik25)0.1.0Karthik Anant2015-02-04LinqSharp extension for
zeusCodeHinter0.1.12015-02-03Useful for only Zeus Systems Pvt Ltd. Reads loc acc file of the interactivity
Semicenter0.1.7Dariusz Jakubowski2015-02-02ALT+ENTER - > Puts semicolon at current line, creates and indents new line below. ALT+SEMICOLON - > Puts semicolon at current line, goes to the end of current line. Simple,
Brackets Tools0.2.0Yasin Kuyu2015-01-31Brackets developer tools
New Html5 Document0.0.4Yasin Kuyu @yasinkuyu - Insya www.insya.com2015-01-31Brackets New Html5
JSXHint0.0.7Evgueni Naverniouk2015-01-27Adds JSXHint support to Brackets. It's a wrapper around JSHint for linting React JSX files. 100% compatible with existing tools using
Ceratrior1.0.0Kirill A. Khalitov voronar@gmail.com2015-01-24Ceratrior theme for
LESS StyleSheets Formatter (nm|tU)1.2.2Dan Roberts2015-01-23This formats LESS stylesheets to the format dictated by the Web Team Leader at nm|tU - a balance between a condensed format and
Set Line Endings for files1.0.1James Lamanna2015-01-23Set line endings based on
Select Lines1.3.0Travis Almand2015-01-22Options for selecting lines via clicking/dragging in the
Hannah1.0.0Jim Gallaher2015-01-22A purple background, with added green, white, gold, and light blue
PhoneGap/Cordova Geliştiricileri Türkiye Topluluğu1.0.0Egemen Mede2015-01-22PhoneGap/Cordova Geliştiricileri Türkiye Topluluğu Google Plus Sayfası Kı
Double-click Brackets Selection1.0.0Hugo Pessotti2015-01-21Brackets extension to select the block inside matching brackets by double clicking a
Blackboard1.0.2Jim Gallaher2015-01-21A dark grey, green, blue, orange, yellow, and white theme based on Blackboard for
Cobalt1.0.6Jim Gallaher2015-01-21A dark blue theme based on Cobalt for
FunctionFinder1.0.0SlashySlash2015-01-20Quickly find the function under your cursor. An extension that mirrors the Eclipse 'Open Declaration'
Resizable Bottom Working Files1.0.1Hugo Pessotti2015-01-20Brackets extension to reposition Working Files in sidebar and make it resizable. (Toggle it in View Menu)
Graphite in Neon1.0.0TadorHead2015-01-20A semi-dark theme that's colourful and
newfile-from-template1.1.2Ray Sun2015-01-19you can new a file from your template,you can edit the's so easy!
Lorem Picsum for Brackets1.0.0Vincent Loy2015-01-18Generate placeholder Images from, place quickly pictures from Futurama, The Simpsons, Rio, Finding Nemo and Up!
Crystal Blue1.0.2TadorHead2015-01-18Great for your
Better Coffee1.0.0Antoine Matyja2015-01-17Useful features for CoffeeScript
Black Flat theme - Brackets Theme0.1.1contato@msthomaz.com2015-01-17Matheus S. Thomaz - Black Flat theme - Brackets
Strict JavaScript1.0.2Jack2015-01-17Adds the 'use strict' statement to the current JavaScript/untitled file on command/
Brackets Css Color Preview0.0.7Neil.M.Chen2015-01-12preview the colors within css
Brackets Working File Tabs1.0.3@demonmhon2015-01-11Enable working files list in Sidebar to show as
Response for Brackets - original0.1.0Ben Rooney2015-01-11Original Responsive design tool for Brackets from Lee
QuickDocsPHP1.4.7Ole Kröger2015-01-08Inline short documentation for PHP functions, including a summary, syntax, return values and
Brackets WebP0.0.1John Smith2015-01-06Adds webp as supported image
Nginx Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Antonio David Perez Morales2015-01-04Syntax highlighting support for Nginx configuration files (.conf)
Velocity Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Antonio David Perez Morales2015-01-04Syntax highlighting support for Velocity template files (.vm)
N-Triples Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Antonio David Perez Morales2015-01-04Syntax highlighting support for N-Triples files (.nt)
Twig Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Antonio David Perez Morales2015-01-04Syntax highlighting support for Twig files (.twig)
JSONiq for Brackets0.1.0William Candillon2015-01-04JSONiq support for
Theseus for Brackets0.4.19Tom Lieber2015-01-04Real-time & retroactive debugging for JavaScript in Chrome and
Node.js Debugger0.1.7Benjamin August2015-01-02Step-by-step debugger for node.js. Please click on 'More info' before first
Monokai1.0.8Steffen Bruchmann2015-01-02This dark theme is based on the monokai color scheme from Sublime
ionic-brackets0.4.0Oz Sayag2014-12-31A Brackets extension for developing mobile applications using Ionic
Brackets Very Dark2.0.0Jaycee Okeke2014-12-31A darker theme for Brackets, as dark as command
Notification1.0.1Jaycee Okeke okekejay@gmail.com2014-12-29Find information about your brackets
Atom Light Theme1.0.5Yasin Kuyu2014-12-28GitHub Atom editor default light
Atom Dark Theme1.0.4Yasin Kuyu2014-12-28GitHub Atom editor default dark
Alien Planet1.0.0Denis Kreshikhin2014-12-27Dark colorscheme - only black, white and
HTML Special Chars1.3.0Jonas Geschke2014-12-25After writing a word it converts it in HTML code. Or just select the specified text and press Strg-Shift-N and it'll be
Brackets Extension - UTF8 converter0.1.2Gabriel GASNOT2014-12-24Allows you to convert single files or whole folders (and sufolders) to UTF8. HOW-TO available on GitHub. This project is a fork of Az-Encode, written by Jimmy Brian Anamaria
Task List1.0.0ckip2014-12-23Brackets Extension for managing development
Wombatish1.0.1Vlad Saling2014-12-23This theme is based on Wombatish for Sublime text, which is based on
Adobe Edge Web Fonts0.1.72014-12-22Adobe Edge Web Fonts gives you access to a free, high-quality web font library made possible by contributions from Adobe, Google, and designers around the world. The fonts are served by Typekit, so you can be sure of high performance and
Local Storage Viewer1.0.5Randy Edmunds2014-12-22Tool for navigating and viewing Local
Brackets Shell0.0.12John Hidey2014-12-21Shell access within Brackets. Want to run some shell command, install a node package, install from bower the list goes on and on. Well then, this extension is for
Sidebar Plus2.0.3Sathyamoorthi<>2014-12-21Hide sidebar using View->Hide Sidebar Or Ctrl+Alt+H. For immediate access, click at the left corner to open it and click on editor to collapse it. You can also open sidebar by mouse over at the left corner. For that, you should set triggermode in brakets.json preference
Zeedijk0.1.0Frédéric Serva2014-12-21Light theme for Adobe
WooCommerce Hints for Brackets1.0.0Md Monirul Alom2014-12-20WooCommerce Hints for Brackets - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing WooCommerce themes/plugins with
Brackets Diagnostic Report0.0.4Ingo Richter2014-12-19Collect diagnostic information about Brackets and installed
Tremendus Dark Theme1.0.2Tremendus Apps <>2014-12-18A dark syntax theme with muted pastel colors great for those long or late night coding sessions :)
Frackets Theme1.0.0Ruben Engelbrecht2014-12-18A brackets theme based upon flat
ES6 As JS1.0.0Mitchell Mebane2014-12-15Treat files with a .es6 extension as
Dream PHP1.0.0Sithu K.2014-12-12A dream theme that simulates PHP coloring scheme of
Github Theme0.0.1George Raptis2014-12-12Light Github-like
OSX Scrollbar0.0.1Corey Gaspard2014-12-12Make the scrollbar look like OSx
SQF Syntax for brackets1.0.0Anthony 'Zanven' Poschen2014-12-12Provides SQF syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for Brackets. SQF is used by Bohemia as their scripting
Hi-DPI0.0.2Corey Gaspard cgaspard@gmail.com2014-12-12Support Hi DPI resolutions on
MDN Doc0.3.0Joan Leon2014-12-08Brackets Extension for consult the documentation in the Mozilla Developer
Whitespace Normalizer0.3.0Dimitar Bonev2014-12-04trims trailing whitespaces; transforms tabs to spaces; adds newline at the end of
Creative Cloud Extension Builder1.2.1David Deraedt2014-12-04Create HTML extensions for Creative Cloud
Elixir Tools0.1.0Matthias Einwag2014-12-04Tooling and syntax highlighting for Elixir in Brackets. Includes integration of an Elixir REPL, Elixir autocompletion and inline documentation for Elixir modules and Doc0.1.0Danny Moerkerke2014-12-02Brackets Extension to consult the
KnockoutJS for Brackets0.1.0Eric Smekens2014-12-01Adding knockout quickedits, links and codehints to brackets. (Ideas are welcome!)
Material-AngularJS Code Hints0.0.2Alexander Stracker2014-11-30Extend Brackets HTML code hints and collif's Brackets-HTML5CodeHints with Material-AngularJS elements like md-button, md-sidenav, md-tabs,
Black Mint Theme1.0.0julianericain@outlook.com2014-11-28Dark Flat Theme for
Flattark Dark0.0.3y4ng0@yangodev2014-11-27Dark Flat Theme for
International keyboards1.0.0Marcin Drazek2014-11-27Add AltGr support. When AltGr is down, every shortcuts are
Chrome1.0.0Rameez Raja2014-11-27Chrome Theme for
YoTheme1.0.0Arkadiusz Klenczar2014-11-26YoTheme for Brackets!
Dynamicweb CMS template tags finder1.2.8Sten Hougaard2014-11-26This extension will help you find Dynamicweb CMS tags. You start typing the name of the required tag and as you type you will get suggestions which you can click to insert into the editor. The tag will be wrapped as XSLT, HTML or Razor tag based on the type of file you have
Ruby Blue1.3.1Eric Johnson2014-11-26Ruby Blue is a dark, high contrast theme, that is easy to
Fox - Dark1.0.1Karel Vuong2014-11-26A UI + Syntax theme for Brackets based on Mozilla's Firefox Developer
Dreamweaver Theme1.0.6Hamid Dastani2014-11-26A dreamweaver theme that makes your code pretty and
Custom Code Hinter0.0.3Tarcísio Abadio de Magalhães Júnior2014-11-25Allow devepers add custom code hint at
Angular Snippets0.1.2George Raptis2014-11-24A collection of AngularJS snippets for
LightTable1.0.0Brunno Pleffken2014-11-21Cool and pleasant colors, based on LightTable default
Response for Brackets0.0.6Chen-Heng Chang2014-11-21Responsive design tool for
NexusFramework0.0.2Stephen Hohner2014-11-20Adds NexusFramework support and functionality to
Brackets Ubuntu0.9.1Final Development Studio2014-11-20This extension makes Brackets more Ubuntu friendly. Based on Bolder Menu Fonts by Mark Simulacrum <>
Omnisharp0.0.2Mathew McLoughlin mathew.mcloughlin@gmail.com2014-11-20Get some help when developing your C#
Casperjs Code Hinter0.0.3Thyago Luciano2014-11-20Code hinter for
Quick MDN Doc0.0.4Renan Veroneze2014-11-18This is a brackets extension, for helping searches from developers. Is a shortcut to MDN(Mozilla Developer Network), best location to
Happy-Like0.0.1Aurooba Ahmed2014-11-16A bright and happy theme for people who enjoy
Extract Refactoring1.4.0Drew Bratcher2014-11-15Provides extract to variable and extract to method functionality for Brackets via an
Gengivized1.0.1Jonathan Argentiero2014-11-14Gengivized Theme for
Hide Project files panel1.0.0Tuzebra2014-11-14Allow the user to hide Project
Brackets File Tree1.1.1Alexsey Novikov2014-11-13Visual display of the tree of files and
Brackets cut line0.2.0Leon Tager leon.tager@outlook.com2014-11-13Cut or copy whole line when selection is
Brackets Vim0.3.0Jordan Griege2014-11-13Enable some vim keybindings and
Open Terminal Here0.0.2Renan Veroneze2014-11-12This is a brackets extension, for helping developers. Is a shortcut to open a terminal window with selected folder in
Window Title Tweak1.0.0chylex2014-11-12Modifies window title to contain project
Brackets Task List0.1.2Glenn Taylor2014-11-12Brackets extension that gives you a simple task list in the
Specials Menu1.0.0Max Isom2014-11-11The 'Specials Menu' theme included with Coda 2, now available for
ContextMenu Toggle Comment1.0.0Max Grass2014-11-11Adds the menu item into the context menu of the editor to toggle a
Flat Theme1.0.0Jon Reginbald Ivarsson2014-11-11As Flat as it gets!
JSONLint Extension for Brackets0.1.3Ingo Richter2014-11-10JSONLint Extension for
Brackets File Tabs0.1.2Glenn Taylor2014-11-10Brackets extension that gives you the option to switch between tabs and working list in the
Icecream Theme1.0.1Robin Gruenke2014-11-09Pistachio, Strawberry and Blueberry!
Duplicate Files & Folders1.1.0Torin Pascal2014-11-09Duplicate, copy, and move files and folders in the project
JSLint Customiser0.1.0Jack Newcombe2014-11-08Enables customisation of JSLint
Command Runner0.0.16Tarcísio Abadio de Magalhães Júnior2014-11-08Add hotkeys for running command line
Quick Show In File Tree0.0.1Vusi Sindane2014-11-08Creates context menu and shortcut to quickly show a file in project
Grunt for Brackets0.2.7Dragos Hategan2014-11-08Lists and runs Grunt tasks inside
ActionScript0.1.0Helmut Granda contact@helmutgranda.com2014-11-08Syntax highlighting and Code Hints for
Quick Search1.1.4Nathan Turner2014-11-06Automatically highlights occurrences of the selected word (like Notepad++ smart highlighting)
Eval in Browser1.0.2Peter Flynn2014-11-05Run arbitrary snippets of JS code in your browser with one keystroke: while in Live Preview, just select some code and press Ctrl+Shift+J (Cmd+Shift+J on Mac) Brackets plugin2.6.4M-Way Solutions GmbH2014-11-04Create Webapps and publish them via Relution. Mobile Application Lifecycle Management for companies and app
Liquid1.0.1pawel.smolaga@gmail.com2014-11-03Dark Theme for
Jellybeans1.0.1Ted Jenkins2014-11-03Jellybeans theme for
Zenburn Theme1.0.4jafar ali alshishani <>2014-11-01zenburn theme for brackets Dark low contrast color themes originally designed for
Roy lang support0.0.1Scientech LLC2014-10-30Code highlighting for Roy lang in
Brackets Darker NG1.0.0Scientech LLC2014-10-2927 Cool & Dark Adobe Brackets IDE themes
Add HTML template1.0.0John Barry2014-10-28This only let you create a Html skeleton with 2 simple
Brackets Cheat Sheets1.0.0Dakota St. Laurent2014-10-28Use cheat sheets to remember the things you
Brackets Database0.0.1Jimmy Brian Anamaria Torres2014-10-23A database
Epic Linter0.3.0François de Campredon2014-10-21Add interactive linting capabilitie to brackets and error marks in
Moonlit Glacier1.0.1Phantomwalker2014-10-20A dark theme with light blue highlights for use with the Brackets Web
Brackets Slim0.0.1Luke Chamberlin2014-10-20Sytax highlighting for the Slim templating engine in
Pinkcutie1.0.0JDViz2014-10-17Pinkcutie Theme Brackets. Dark yet
Vagrant control0.0.1Sebastian Gil2014-10-15Integrates with command-line
Anti-Lint1.0.0Peter Flynn2014-10-15Disables Brackets' built-in JSLint checker and replaces it with a simple, plain-old JS syntax
Azrem0.0.1Aliane Abdelouahab2014-10-15Orange theme for python/tornado/django
Taller Working Files1.0.1Bobby Earl2014-10-14Brackets extension to remove the max-height rule on Working
Toc highlighter0.1.0Dis Shishkov2014-10-14Syntax highlight package for toc
Son of Monokai0.1.2Michael Adaixo2014-10-13Monokai based Brackets theme. Bolder font. Italic comments. Other
ClipBox (Clipboard History)0.2.1Technet2014-10-12It's a clipboard with history, Allows you to access recently copied texts and paste them back to the
Tornado syntax highlighter0.0.1Abdelouahab2014-10-12Enables Tornado highlighting in Brackets (please read the README)
Jade (Official Plugin)2.0.0Forbes Lindesay2014-10-12Add first class support for jade (including syntax highlighting). This module is maintained by the maintainer of
Font Viewer0.4.0Tomás Malbrán2014-10-11Open font files in Brackets and see an editable sample of the
Django syntax highlighter0.0.1Abdelouahab2014-10-11Enables Django highlighting in
Zen Pane0.0.2Matt Stow matt@mattstow.com2014-10-11Reduce the opacity of the non-focused pane to reduce
JavaScript Globals3.0.0Forbes Lindesay2014-10-10Highlight global variables in JavaScript
Midnight Pumpkin1.0.0larz02014-10-10Dark theme. Black, white, orange and yellow. A Brackets
iPlastic1.0.0larz02014-10-10iPlastic by Jeroen van der Ham, converted from TextMate theme (iPlastic.tmTheme)
Brackets Color Picker0.1.3Mikail ÇOLAK2014-10-09This extension activates color picker for brackets, when you type 'color:' in brackets color picker will be appeared in
Brackets Backup1.0.4Joselito Evangelista2014-10-09File Backup Extension for Brackets. This extension will create a backup copy (.bak) of the active file in its current
HTMLEscaper1.0.2Raymond Camden2014-10-08Adds a panel that shows an escaped version of the
Brackets Key Remapper0.2.4Gavin Kalms2014-10-08Allow users to change keyboard shortcuts, edit shortcuts via Debug->Open Preference
MBO Theme1.3.3Aron Brown2014-10-07MBO Theme taken from, based of of the MBO theme by mbonaci on github, and modified for brackets built in theme
Inline Gradient Editor1.0.0Peter Flynn2014-10-06Edit CSS linear gradients visually inline - just use Quick Edit (Ctrl-E)
Brackets Build System1.0.2Ayman Izzeldin2014-10-05Allows to execute commands via keyboard shortcuts & menu items - similar to sublime text's build system. Made possible thanks to Anton Ivanov the creator of Command Line Shortcuts
FixMyJS0.0.3Drew Fyock2014-10-01Automagically fix JSHint lint
Obsidian1.1.1Sean2014-10-01Slightly customised Obsidian Theme - Based on Obsidian for Komodo by
Son of Obsidian1.0.0Sean2014-09-29Customised Son of Obsidian
Brackets Github Issues1.0.1Matthieu Lassalvy2014-09-29View current project's Github issues inside an Adobe Brackets
YAML Linter1.0.0Samuel Lai2014-09-27Provides linting functionality for YAML
Bigger Extensions Panel0.1.2Alex Bardanov2014-09-27Simply makes Extensions Panel
Java Light0.0.5Vigneash Sundar2014-09-25Awesome Java-Light flavoured theme, stay cool in day time!
CoffeeScript AutoCompile1.0.0lkytal2014-09-24Automatically compiles CoffeeScripts upon
Fi Compiler0.9.1Final Development Studio2014-09-23A Brackets extention to compile Less and JavaScript on document
CoffeeScript Auto Compiler0.1.0Technet2014-09-22This extension will compile CoffeeScript files automatically when file is saved. js file will be created in the given
Kiwi Kiwi Dark1.0.0Wendrom2014-09-21A delicious dark
Varz Dark1.0.0larz02014-09-20Minimal theme for Brackets. A Brackets
Newton Dark1.0.0larz02014-09-20Sophisticated spectral theme for Brackets. A Brackets
Newton Light1.0.0larz02014-09-20Sophisticated spectral theme for Brackets. A Brackets
Not So Annoying Whitespace Fixer1.0.2Hamdan Javeed2014-09-20Trims trailing whitespace for entire file except the line the cursor is currently on. Also ensures a newline at the end of the
Extension Manager Shortkey1.0.1Calvin Nhieu2014-09-19Enables quick access to the Brackets Extension Manager using the command
Brackets Surround1.0.4Patrick Edelman2014-09-19A tool which allows you to wrap selected text with special characters and
Recent projects0.2.1Technet2014-09-19Allows you to see and select recently opened projects from File menu without using 'Open Folder...'
SPARQL Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Nandana2014-09-18Add syntax highlighting support for the SPARQL language (.rq)
Statusbar Char Count1.0.0Peter Flynn2014-09-18Displays character count of current file in the status bar (useful for planning Twitter posts, among other things)
Nav Shortcuts1.0.2Parker Smith2014-09-18VIM style cursor
TestQuickly1.0.3Kevin Dangoor2014-09-16Launches the test runner (or re-runs tests) with a
Monokai Redux1.0.0Chirag Gude2014-09-15This dark theme is a customized version of the Monokai color
solarized-dark1.0.0Damien Robertson2014-09-12Solarized Dark theme as described by
solarized-light1.0.0Damien Robertson2014-09-12Solarized Light theme as described by
Brackets navigation history0.1.2Leon Tager leon.tager@outlook.com2014-09-12Remember last 100 cursor
Errors Explorer0.1.0Alex Bardanov2014-09-10Notify you when error happens inside of IDE without Development Tools open. Useful for Brackets Extensions Authors!
Coffeelinter0.1.0Dan Casey2014-09-09Makes CoffeeLint the Brackets linter for CoffeeScript files. Very
Wordpress Generate Salts0.1.0robskidmore2014-09-08Automagically generate salts for a new Wordpress
Draggable modals0.1.1Alex Bardanov2014-09-08Modal windows in Brackets now can be dragged with mouse across the
Custom CSS injector0.1.7Alex Bardanov2014-09-08Customize Brackets IDE with own CSS rules. Inject your own styles inside of Brackets with Livereload. Useful for theme
Lapland1.0.0Victor2014-09-08Dark theme, nice colors. That's
Various improvements2.2.12014-09-08Add more informations in the status bar, lowercase and uppercase converter, super clipboard, button close all folders in file tree, files
Brackets Improvements1.0.0Ayman Izzeldin2014-09-06Simple extension that extends brackets and adds some useful
Code commenting1.2.2Martin Gammelholm2014-09-05Code commenting with custom
JSLint1.1.0Mark McIntyre2014-09-05Adds JSLint reporting to
Material Brackets0.0.1Karam Melkon2014-09-04A light theme inspired by Google's Material
80's Baby1.0.2larz02014-09-0480's Baby Theme for Brackets. Inspired by Silkie's 80's Baby. A Brackets
File System Properties1.0.1Andrew MacKenzie2014-09-03Allows viewing of file or folder properties (such as file size, etc) and setting of permissions for items in the Project tree. This extension is NLS-enabled and translation PRs are welcome!
CSS Shapes Editor for Brackets1.1.0Adobe Systems Inc.2014-09-02Adds an interactive editor for CSS Shapes values in Live Preview
Mushin Light1.0.0larz02014-09-02Mushin Light Theme for Brackets. A Brackets
Mushin Dark1.0.0larz02014-09-02Mushin Dark Theme for Brackets. A Brackets
Care Bear Stare1.0.2larz02014-08-31Care Bear Stare Theme for Brackets. A theme for kids that code; ages 0–9. A Brackets
Coolwater1.0.1larz02014-08-31Coolwater Theme for Brackets. Light and minimal. A Brackets
Dieter Bamz1.0.2larz02014-08-31Dieter Bamz Theme for Brackets. Inspired by Dieter Rams's Snow White's Coffin. A Brackets
Dune1.0.1larz02014-08-31Dune Theme for Brackets. Light and minimal. A Brackets
Snagglepanther1.0.1larz02014-08-31Snagglepanther Theme for Brackets. Pink and minimal. A Brackets
Star Platinum Light1.0.2larz02014-08-31Star Platinum Light Theme for Brackets. Inspired by the Stand of Jotaro Kujo; ORAORAORA. A Brackets
The Hamptons1.0.2larz02014-08-31The Hamptons Theme for Brackets. Inspired by coconuts, this theme helps you relax. A Brackets
Code Outline0.1.9Crabman2014-08-27Quick list of functions and CSS
Brackets Makefile0.0.1Brian Schau2014-08-27Run make, make install or make clean from
Brackets-Silverstripe - Silverstripe Template Support for Brackets0.0.2Maldicore Group Pvt Ltd2014-08-27Adds Silverstripe (templating engine) support to
Machiato Libre0.0.2Christopher Peddecord2014-08-26Espresso Libre inspired
SnapSVG Documentation0.0.1Joan Leon @nucliweb2014-08-26API Reference of SnapSVG for
Gist Manager0.1.1Fez Vrasta2014-08-26Create and view Github Gists within Brackets. (View > Show Gists Manager)
Join Lines1.0.2Hamdan Javeed2014-08-23Joins the next line or all the lines selected, with or without
HoganJS Language1.0.0Federico Bustamante2014-08-22HoganJS file extension
Seti Syntax0.0.1Karam Melkon2014-08-22This theme is a port of Seti Syntax for
Match Highlighter0.1.22014-08-22Enable editor to highlight tokens that match selected
Pythonista Dark1.0.0Wendrom2014-08-20A dark theme using Python's yellow and
Right Click Extended1.3.1Jarrad Salmon2014-08-19Adds Cut, Copy and Paste options to the right click menu - now with multi-langauge
Nu Markup Checker for Brackets0.1.1Takeshi Kurosawa2014-08-18Adds Nu Markup Checker support to
Brackets SASS Code Hints0.1.0Amin Ullah Khan2014-08-18Provides code hints for SASS
Tomorrow Night Bright1.0.2Gerard Braad2014-08-17Tomorrow Night Bright theme for Brackets. Based on the Tomorrow Night theme by Chris Kempson and the port by Ryan
Brackets UI Theming Enabler1.0.0Ryan McKay2014-08-16A simple extension to allow native Brackets themes to theme any available UI
SearchIN1.0.2Martin Hodler2014-08-15Search a selected text directly in the MDN or
Midnight Glow1.0.2Ryan McKay2014-08-15A brackets theme focused on
CMake Language1.1.2Sergey Zolotarev2014-08-14Adds syntax highlighting support for the CMake
Notepad++ Theme1.0.3Essam Bahassan2014-08-14Notepad++ Theme for
Toggle Toolbar1.0.2Bobby Earl2014-08-14Toggle the Brackets Toolbar independent of the
Brackets Dark Status Bar1.0.2Chris Reed2014-08-13A dark style for the bottom status
Advanced New File0.2.0Janus Tøndering2014-08-12File creation plugin inspired by
Slickrock0.0.1Nico May nico.may99@gmail.com2014-08-12Dark, flat, minimal theme. Meant to sit flat with the Brackets
Northstar1.0.0larz02014-08-11Northstar Theme for Brackets. Dark and minimal. A Brackets
Lion1.0.0larz02014-08-11Lion Theme for Brackets. Dark and minimal. A Brackets
Brackets Tree Extension Color1.0.1Alexsey Novikov2014-08-11Tree file extension
Star Platinum Dark1.0.1larz02014-08-11Star Platinum Dark Theme for Brackets. Inspired by the Stand of Jotaro Kujo; ORAORAORA. A Brackets
Skullomania1.0.1larz02014-08-11Skullomania Theme for Brackets. This theme helps you see the skeleton. A Brackets
Guardians1.0.2larz02014-08-11Guardians Theme for Brackets. A Brackets
Energy1.0.0larz02014-08-10Energy Theme for Brackets. Dark and minimal, inspired by that stuff they drink in Tron. A Brackets
Enlightend0.2.0Amin Ullah Khan2014-08-10Enlightend Theme for
Care Bear Stare Dark1.0.1larz02014-08-09Care Bear Stare Dark Theme for Brackets. For kids that aren't afraid to code in the dark; ages 10–170. A Brackets
Soft Dark0.2.0Rui Afonso Pereira2014-08-09A Bracket's dark theme to ease your
The Weaver1.0.0larz02014-08-09The Weaver Theme for Brackets. 'Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.' —Richard Feynman. A Brackets
Inline Image CSS or HTML Image Tag0.0.3Vin Rosa2014-08-08Small tool to convert url images references in css or html image tags to
Easy Dark2.0.4Miguel Castillo2014-08-07Dark theme that's just easy on your
Copy as HTML1.0.5Peter Flynn2014-08-07Copy code to the clipboard with full color syntax highlighting preserved (assuming you're pasting into something that supports HTML-formatted text). To use, choose "Edit > Copy as Colored HTML"
Static Preview0.2.2Steffen Bruchmann2014-08-07Serves your project via a static web server and opens it in your default
8081.0.1larz02014-08-07808 Theme for Brackets. Inspired by Roland TR-808. A Brackets
Photon Racer1.0.4larz02014-08-07Photon Racer Theme for Brackets. Colors picked for speed. A Brackets
Quick Require Import1.0.5Peter Flynn2014-08-06Shortcut for generating require() imports. Press Ctrl+I (⌘I on Mac) and type a filename to insert a require() at the top of your file - in an existing block if available, with '='s nicely
Thunderstorm1.1.0Arissa Brown2014-08-06Thunderstorm - A dark theme for
Darcula1.0.0Max Kostinevich2014-08-06Classic Darcula
Son of Hammsidian1.1.0George Raptis2014-08-06A variation of John Hamm's Hammsidian dark
Twilight0.0.1Miguel Castillo2014-08-06Twilight theme from
Search with Google0.4.0Catalin Anghel2014-08-05Adds search options to the file menu and context
Envy1.0.5Andrew MacKenzie2014-08-04Envy Theme for Brackets - it's kind of greenish... so envy... you see what I did there?
Material Light1.0.0Iván Barcia2014-08-03A light theme based on colors of Material
Material Dark1.0.0Iván Barcia2014-08-03A dark theme based on colors of Material
Solarized-light-Theme1.0.3jafar ali alshishani <>2014-08-02beautiful selected low contrast color theme for brackets designed by Ethan
Ternifico0.0.3David Sánchez i Gregori2014-08-01Javascript hinting with Tern in
LaTeXMathematica0.0.3Ole Kröger2014-08-01Use the power of WolframAlpha inside your LaTeX
Zamiere Dark0.0.3Miguel Castillo2014-07-31Zamiere dark theme for
Dust templating for Brackets0.1.0Santiago G. Marín2014-07-30Brackets CodeMirror mode for the Dust templating
Solarized1.0.0Miguel Castillo2014-07-30Solarized Theme for
Visual Studio1.0.0Miguel Castillo2014-07-29Visual Studio Theme for
Tomorrow Night1.0.2Ryan Stewart2014-07-29Tomorrow Night theme for
Railcasts1.0.6Andrew MacKenzie2014-07-28Railcasts Theme for
Gherkin0.2.3Glenn Jorde2014-07-25Syntax highlighting for Gherkin. Or Cucumber as many mistakenly
WordHint1.0.2Wang Yu2014-07-25Hint with words in current document. Add autocomplete for PHP, Python, Perl
toml Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2014-07-22Add syntax highlighting support for the toml language (.toml)
Cordova Extension0.0.7Raymond Camden2014-07-21Adds Cordova CLI support to
Turtle Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Nandana2014-07-18Add syntax highlighting support for the Turtle language (.ttl)
Upper Titlebar1.0.7Fez Vrasta2014-07-18Move the titlebar on Brackets for Linux on top of the
Proxy1.0.0John Smith2014-07-17Adds proxy
Objective C Syntax Highlighting1.0.1Matt Hayward2014-07-17Maps .m and .h files to the csharp langauge mode. Appears to be the most similar to objective
Brackets dark main toolbar1.0.1Fez Vrasta2014-07-16Stupid extension that makes the main toolbar dark as the rest of the Brackets
Server Mac1.0.1Jimmy Brian Anamaria Torres2014-07-14Control ur native mac os apache server. Now u can start or stop the server from Brackets, dont let the process working if u dont go use
Inline Units Conversion0.0.6Yasin Kuyu2014-07-12Brackets Inline Units Conversion Extension (px to em / em to px etc.)
Html Entities Encoder1.0.0Guilherme Bradasch2014-07-09An extension for encoding special chars for HTML
Dart Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Andreas Stocker2014-07-09Add syntax highlighting support for the Dart
Minifier1.1.1Wylst2014-07-08Minifies your CSS and JavaScript files with YUI and
Alice issue tracker (for github)0.0.6Pablo codeiro2014-07-08See all your issues from Github with Alice issue
Line Limiter0.0.3Crabman2014-07-06Wraps and reduces the width of long lines for
Karma Runner0.5.1Alessandro Artoni2014-07-04Run test on multiple browser simultaneously with karma-runner inside
xUnit & Blanket0.4.3brackets-xunit2014-07-02Open a qUnit, YUI or Jasmine file to run
React.JS (.jsx) Language0.0.2jindw (, SeH ( syntax highlighting support for the React.JS (.jsx) template
VisualStudioProject Sync0.1.5Srinath Janakiraman2014-06-27Adds menu commands to sync new or deleted files to the visualstudio
Brackets Chain Indents1.0.1Olgierd Grzyb2014-06-27Automatically adds an indent level when making chained method calls on multiple
ReactJs JSX Transformer0.1.0Srinath Janakiraman2014-06-26A tool to automatically compile JSX files to
Speed Hash1.0.0Dustin Hoffner2014-06-23Speed Hash is a simple Brackes Extension which hashes oninput the current file. So you can easily compare
Brackets Rezymer1.2.02014-06-20Queries HTML DOM right from
Ignore minified JS/CSS file for QuickEdit0.0.1Jin2014-06-20Ignore minified JS/CSS file for QuickEdit/Jump To
Brackets Boilerplate0.4.3bodhiBit2014-06-19Quickly copy boilerplate files into your project in Brackets with this
Show Git Branch for project1.0.7Jochen Hagentröm2014-06-17Show git branch name in project
Workspaces2.1.3thomasvalera2014-06-16Create and manage your workspaces directly in
MainWindow1.0.3thomasvalera2014-06-09Never lose track of the main window!
CodeOverview1.0.3thomasvalera2014-06-09An easy to use overview of your editor's
CFML Support - ColdFusion 110.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - Railo 20.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - Railo 40.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - Open BlueDragon 30.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - Railo 30.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - ColdFusion 70.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - ColdFusion 80.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - ColdFusion 90.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
CFML Support - ColdFusion 100.1.2Reto Aeberli, contact@cfbrackets.org2014-06-07CFML Support for
Visual Studio Theme0.0.1Miguel Castillo2014-06-07Visual Studio Theme for
HTML Block Selector1.0.1Sathyamoorthi<>2014-06-06You can use Ctrl+Shift+T to select block of HTML. Ctrl+Click and Ctrl+Shift+Click is available via brackets.json preference
GitHubAccess0.3.2Bernhard Sirlinger2014-06-05Allows you to clone any github repo to your local filesystem via
Tag Renamer0.0.20674272bac( Open/Close tag
Auto Brackets0.0.9Marti Planellas2014-06-01When you write { , [ or ( and press enter, closes the tag and leaves the cursor in the middle line with correct
Show Whitespace2.0.1Dennis Kehrig2014-05-29Visualizes whitespace similar to how Sublime Text does
recognizer0.0.132014-05-29Inspect JavaScript variables real-time. This is still experimental, please follow instructions at
Integrated Development0.5.59@jonathanAdunlap2014-05-27This extension provides Brackets with integrated development capabilities like compiling, error line markers, and debugging support. Currently works with PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Dlang and JavaScript(Node)! New: supports autocompiling (see readme)
Docco1.0.1Alexandru Ghiura ghalex@gmail.com2014-05-26Runs Docco (documentation generator) on a js
CKEditor for Brackets1.0.3Momo 20142014-05-22Paste or edit HTML-content in Brackets with CKEditor. Notice: After installation or update YOU MUST DOWNLOAD CKeditor AND EXTRACT IT into the extension-folder!!!
Open in cmder1.0.0David Duquenoy2014-05-21Open the project folder in
ECMAScript 6 Integration1.0.02014-05-20Runs and compiles(to ECMAScript 5) ECMAScript 6 code from
quick-require Brackets plugin0.5.0M-Way Solutions GmbH2014-05-20Include and download node-modules. The quick-require inline-editor allows you to install node-modules via npm. Right out of the document where you need
DEVimg for Brackets1.0.1Joep Suijkerbuijk2014-05-19Placeholder images made easy. Adds an entire img html element with a placeholder or just a placeholder image url without the img
Smarty Syntax Highlighting1.0.0Jeremy Lee2014-05-16Enables the built-in Smarty syntax highlighting for the .tpl file
Mustache Language1.0.0İsmail Demirbilek2014-05-13Mustache file extension
Indentator1.0.3Andrew Huth2014-05-12Re-indent a document using your current indentation
Paste and Indent0.2.0Andrew Huth2014-05-10Automatically apply the correct indentation to pasted
brackets-add-comment0.1.2wanggit2014-05-10Uppercase, Lowercase, Add
BFxOS for Brackets0.0.1Arnau March @RnowM2014-05-09Want to create a Firefox OS app? Browse within Brackets, and copy/paste the markup you need in your app, to get the Firefox OS look &
Brackets OnCopy1.0.1Timo Weiß2014-05-02Small notification about the amount of copied characters in the
brackets-phonegap0.1.12014-04-29PhoneGap extension for
Gistr0.3.2Lucas K Allmon2014-04-25A quick and usable Gist creator for Brackets. I'd love your feedback/suggestions on
Brackets CSS Class Code hint0.2.1growlscript2014-04-25Simple CSS Class & ID code
Ionic0.1.0ASI Informatique2014-04-23Ionic plugin for Brackets editor. Required ios-deploy (sudo npm install -g ios-deploy) and ios-sim (sudo npm install -g ios-sim)
Cordova0.1.1ASI Informatique2014-04-23Cordova plugin for Brackets editor. Required ios-deploy (sudo npm install -g ios-deploy) and ios-sim (sudo npm install -g ios-sim)
Brackets TSLint0.1.1François de Campredon2014-04-22TSlint support for
Brackets TypeScript0.2.0François de Campredon2014-04-18TypeScript Support for
Brackets Velocity syntax1.0.1Jan Smolders2014-04-17Brackets Velocity syntax
Brackets-RST1.0.2Derek Weitzel2014-04-16Adds reStructuredText support for
Everyscrub1.4.0Peter Flynn2014-04-15Everything's a scrubber! Alt/⌥ + drag on any number or hex color to scrub its value and update the browser in real time. Or use Ctrl/⌘+Alt + Up/Down to 'nudge' values with the
Inline Regex Editor1.1.3Peter Flynn2014-04-15Inline regular expression editor for JavaScript code: enter test strings and see matches in real time as you edit the regexp - with full syntax highlighting and paren/brace matching. Mouseover capturing group matches to highlight the group within the regexp and the text within the test
jsbeautifier0.0.2SATO taichi2014-04-11Beautify JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and
Node.JS Simple Application Manager0.0.3Brian Craig2014-04-10Manage Node.JS Apps, one-click start/end. Warning: Beta
Reasonable Comments1.3.0Peter Flynn2014-04-10Simple enhancement for typing block comments in Brackets: when you press Enter, the next line is automatically prefixed with a properly indented "*" (and a closing "*/" if needed). Supports all languages with "/*"-style
Goto Last Edit1.0.1Peter Flynn2014-04-09Jump cursor to location of last edit in the current file by pressing Ctrl+*
Pretty Json0.1.2Stephen Keep2014-04-09Make Your Json Pretty and Linted, turn a single line of json into multiple lines with
Annotate1.1.0David Deraedt2014-03-26Generates JSDoc annotations for your
Coffeescript Lint Extension for Brackets0.0.1Ingo Richter2014-03-26Coffeescript Lint Extension for
Open Extensions Folder1.0.0Travis Almand2014-03-21Opens the user extensions folder as a
Jinja2 syntax highlighter1.0.0Leif72014-03-21Enables Jinja2 highlighting in
Scheme (and Racket) language syntax highlighter1.0.0Leif72014-03-21Brings support for Scheme (and Racket) from CodeMirror to
Package Viewer1.0.1chris matheson @chrismatheson2014-03-21Show a list of packge.json files in your
R language syntax highlighter1.0.0Leif72014-03-20Brings support for R language from CodeMirror to
CSScomb Brackets plugin0.0.1Marco Hanowski and Stefan
Rubbish CtrlP Clone0.5.3Matthew Forrester2014-03-20This is a bare bones, super unpolished, wrote after a drink clone of Sublime's
Rubbish VIM Select TextObject Clone0.9.4Matthew select textobject (like vim): Supports `i{`, `a[`, `2<` `<span` etc, does not support paragraphs and non code like
Font Size Sync0.0.1Brad Gearon bradgearon@gmail.com2014-03-18Sync your font size across editor Forrester2014-03-15Join Lines for
Open .gitignore0.0.3Daniel Mahon2014-03-14This extension will try to find and open the .gitignore file which Brackets hides by
Brackets Snippets1.1.0Jonathan Rowny2014-03-14Provides ability to use code snippets in
AngularJS for Brackets1.1.2AngularUI2014-03-12AngularJS extension for Brackets by the AngularUI
Anonymous Pro Font1.0.0Thomas England2014-03-11Change default font to Anonymous Pro. You must have Anonymous Pro font
FileWatcher0.1.2Bernhard Sirlinger2014-03-09Adds file watching for the current
ooc Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Amos Wenger2014-03-08Add syntax highlighting support for the ooc language (.ooc)
MoonScript Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Amos Wenger2014-03-08Add syntax highlighting support for the MoonScript language (.moon)
Rust for Brackets1.0.0Fredrik Forsmo2014-03-07Adds support for Rust language via CodeMirror to
brackets-jshint0.0.22014-03-06JsHint support for
Code Highlighter Switcher1.0.1Alejandro Soto2014-03-05An extension to change/switch the different code highlighting that brackets provides, useful for some cases where is required to highlight code with some specific highlighting
pegjs Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2014-03-05Add syntax highlighting support for the pegjs language (.pegjs)
Disable Autoclose Tags Completely1.0.0Donut Team2014-03-01Brackets extension that will disable the AutoClose Tags feature of Codemirror completely. Based on the extension by Travis
Processing.js syntax highlighting1.0.0Grant Forrest2014-02-28An extremely simple plugin to highlight all .pjs files as JavaScript
Share to pastebin1.0.0Donut Team2014-02-28Allows you to quickly share to
Align It!0.1.1Igor Ovsyannikov <>( Brackets extension to align assignments and object literals (Hotkey: Ctrl+\)
ASCII to Entity1.0.0Mirek Komárek2014-02-24ASCII to Unicode and HTML Entity modal
PHPLint for Brackets1.0.2Sathvik2014-02-24`php -l` powered PHP-lint extension for
PacketFilter-Syntax0.1.0evaldas2014-02-23Syntax highlighting for OpenBSD PF (PacketFilter) pf.conf
Brackets Auto Pairs1.0.0Julian Popescu2014-02-17Automatically pairs quotations and parenthetical characters, or wraps selected
Compilyai1.0.4Лёха zloy и красивый2014-02-17Compile LESS and JS (Browserify & UglifyJS) on
Cirru Syntax0.0.2tiye.me2014-02-16Syntax highlight package for Cirru
Console tools1.0.2Christian Vigh, christian.vigh@orange.fr2014-02-16Shows log, error, debug and dir console information in a Brackets panel, without developer tools, based on the extension developed by Alexandru Ghiura (
JS Multiline1.0.1Achilleas Kiritsakas akiritsakas@gmail.com2014-02-12Adds multiline string support for a selected text or entire text in a js or html file by adding backslash per line or by string
Multi-project Support0.1.0Amandeep2014-02-10Modified Recent Projects Extension to emulate Multi-project
Brackets Paste Plugin1.0.0Nik Massie2014-02-10A plugin for the Brackets IDE which pastes code to
Simple Runner0.0.2Mark Koudritsky2014-02-09Run a script and show clickable links from stack traces in a bottom for Brackets1.5.0Enton Biba2014-02-09Adds a image tag to Brackets. Credit:
Instasrc for Brackets1.8.0Enton Biba2014-02-09Adds instasrc image tags to Brackets. Credit:
Dogs for Brackets1.2.1Enton Biba2014-02-09Adds dog image tags to Brackets. Credit:
Minify More0.0.6Francesco Frapporti2014-02-05Compresses files using YUI for CSS and Closure Compiler for Js. Don't include single quotes (') inside a CSS comment. This is a fork from Alfred Xing
ASCII Art generator0.0.4Kyle Macquarrie2014-02-04Use cool ASCII fonts to make your code more
HTML Emailer basic table0.0.1Crayonblack2014-02-04Automatically create a basic table line that includes cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0' by using ctrl + shift +
Python Tidy1.0.1José Cols2014-02-03Cleans up, regularizes, and reformats the text of Python
Brackets Reflow Cleaner1.0.1Terry Ryan2014-01-30Cleans Adobe Edge Reflow content into something usable in a handcoded
Precursor0.0.3Dealga McArdle2014-01-25Precursor looks for recognized patterns on the current line and rewrites them to longform valid .js
Jekyll1.0.0Alexander Salas2014-01-22An extension to build Github-Pages
ImageToData1.5.0Florian Valence2014-01-17Turns images into Data URI. Press Alt-Shift-G and put the URL in the box, that's it ! From the project tree right click on an image and click 'Convert to data URI' and get it's
Python flake8 Lint0.0.1Marco Ceppi2014-01-14This extension enables the flake8 style guide checker for python code. Required pep8 (sudo pip install pep8)
jQuery Mobile0.1.0Chris Griffith2014-01-13Code hinting for jQuery
Tomcat Manager0.1.5Miguel Castillo2014-01-13Manage Tomcat servers in
Lens Syntax Highlighter1.0.1Patrick Burtchaell2014-01-10Add syntax highlighting support for the lens filetype (.lens)
Brackets Code Connect0.1.1John Wu2014-01-03Realtime code sharing extension for
Insert Base Code1.0.1Colt Fortenberry2014-01-02Inserts the 'base html code' into a file (much like DreamWeaver)
File Info to Clipboard1.1.0Vince Malone2014-01-01Copy name, path and directory path of a file to the
Python pep8 Lint1.4.0Tiago Natel de Moura2013-12-22This extension enables the pep8 style guide checker for python code. Required pep8 (sudo pip install pep8)
Az - Encoding0.7.0Jimmy Brian Anamaria Torres2013-12-20convert files that cannot read Brackets to UTF-8 make the file readable to
Simple Squarespace Templates- Extension0.0.1Michaeleparkour2013-12-20A simple extension that adds HTML-markup and html-highlight for *.block, *.region, *.conf, *.list, *.item files of Squarespace
Jade Syntax Highlighting1.0.5Drew Bratcher2013-12-19Provides jade syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for
HTTP Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-19Add syntax highlighting support for the HTTP language (.http)
Lua Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-19Add syntax highlighting support for the Lua language (.lua)
Julia Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-19Add syntax highlighting support for the Julia language (.jl)
mIRC Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-19Add syntax highlighting support for the mIRC language (.mrc)
WD Minimap2.2.3Brian Adams2013-12-18The minimap shows a smaller version of your code at the right of the screen. It can be used to quickly scroll to a certain part of your
specRep - Special Character Replacer1.0.5James Park2013-12-17Extension that searches through and replaces any special characters with relevant code
Canalyzer1.0.1Raymond Camden2013-12-16Scans project for possible compatability
Fonts0.0.2tirithen2013-12-07The extension allows you to change the font of the editor by choosing from a selection of fonts from Google
Smooth Scroll0.0.1Hugo Campos2013-12-06Adds kinetic smooth scrolling (like MacOS, iOS and Android) to Brackets for devices and/or operating systems that don't support it
Template HTML Mohole1.0.3Salvatore Laisa2013-12-04Crea i template di file utilizzati nei corsi
LiveReload1.0.2Piotr Walczyszyn2013-12-04Brackets extension for LiveReload, it can be used with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox LiveReload
Textile Syntax Highlighting1.0.1Sudharshan S Veeravalli2013-12-04Provides textile syntax highlight via a CodeMirror mode for
Haskell Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the Haskell language (.hs)
FORTRAN Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the FORTRAN language (.f90, .f77)
Erlang Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the Erlang language (.erl, .escript)
Eiffel Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the Eiffel language (.e, .eiff)
ECL Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the ECL language (.ecl)
DTD Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the DTD language (.dtd)
D Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the D language (.d)
Common Lisp Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the Common Lisp language (.clisp, .lisp)
COBOL Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the COBOL language (.cbl)
APL Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the APL language (.apl)
Haxe Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-12-03Add syntax highlighting support for the Haxe language (.hx)
Unused Files1.0.42013-12-03Find unused files in your web
Liquid Syntax Highlighter1.0.0Forbes Lindesay2013-11-28Add syntax highlighting support for the liquid template
brackets-blindjs0.1.12013-11-28BlindJS is a Javascript library that allows blind typing of pre-defined code. So stop worrying about writing valid code and start typing fast as hell!
Code Font1.0.0TyGoss2013-11-27This allows you to choose from a variety of the most popular Google Fonts for the code editor
brackets-console-log-control0.0.32013-11-26Brackets extension that provides control over the Console.log statement inside a javascript
PageSuck1.0.2Tim Burgess2013-11-26Suck a URL's contents directly into your
URL Helper0.0.3Sathyamoorthi<>2013-11-25right-click on http Or https, this exension will select entire url and give you an option to go to that
Brackets Wallpaper1.0.7growlScript2013-11-25Wallpaper for your
Ruby/Rails Builder0.2.2Christian Tschoepe2013-11-24Rails building is on the way! Spawns a ruby child process with the active file and logs results to stdout. Adds comments to Ruby files, html highlight for ERB files and HAML N/A
Brackets Autoclose1.0.8Vhornets<>
Simple Ruby Extension0.2.1Daniele Lenares2013-11-24A simple extension that adds comments to Ruby files, html highlight for ERB files and HAML