Defunct newspapers in the United Kingdom

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List of newspapers that have closed in the United Kingdom since 2011.

TitlePublisherFrequencyDate ClosedWebsiteWebsite ArchiveEdition ArchiveItems
Tunbridge Wells on SaturdayKOS MediaWeeklyJanuary 62
Kidderminster ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 99
Your AshfordKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 271
Your CanterburyKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 269
Your DealKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 171
Your DoverKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 268
Your MaidstoneKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 267
Your MedwayKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 266
Your SandwichKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 170
Your SevenoaksKOS MediaWeeklyDecember Machine
Your ShepwayKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 268
Your SwaleKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 266
Your ThanetKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 269
Your TonbridgeKOS MediaWeeklyDecember Machine
Your Tunbridge WellsKOS MediaWeeklyDecember 99
The Blackburn CitizenNewsquestWeeklyApril 217
The Burnley CitizenNewsquestWeeklyApril 217
Oxford JournalTaylor Newspapers 44
Oxfordshire Guardian (Central)Taylor Newspapers 20
Oxfordshire Guardian (West)Taylor Newspapers 18
Crewkerne WeekenderSunday Independent 236
Chichester HeraldChichester Herald 137
St Helens ReporterJohnston PressWeeklyOctober 55
Northampton MercuryJohnston PressWeeklyOctober 324
Nuneaton NewsTrinity MirrorDailyMay Machine
Kingston GuardianNewsquestWeeklySeptember 298
Luton On SundayTrinity MirrorWeeklyOctober 329
Northampton Herald & PostTrinity MirrorWeeklyOctober 411
OneMK (formerly MK News)Trinity MirrorWeeklyOctober 38
The Newry AdvertiserObserver Newspapers NI LtdMonthlyApril 2017newry-advertiser.comWayback 29
Haringey AdvertiserTindle NewspapersWeeklyJuly 407
Fulham ChronicleCapital Media Newspapers LtdWeeklyJuly 122
Shepherd's Bush ChronicleCapital Media Newspapers LtdWeeklyJuly 94
Hammersmith ChronicleCapital Media Newspapers LtdWeeklyJuly 91
Kensington & Chelsea NewsCapital Media Newspapers LtdWeeklyJuly 124
Cleethorpes Chronicle??WeeklyAugust Machine
Ely NewsTrinity MirrorWeeklyAugust 554
Haverhill NewsTrinity MirrorWeeklyAugust 529
Newmarket NewsTrinity MirrorWeeklyAugust 526
Banbury CakeNewsquestWeeklySeptember 321
The Ramsey and Warboys ReporterThe Ramsey and Warboys Reporter CICWeeklyOctober 27
The Ceredigion HeraldHerald Newspapers PLCWeeklyDecember 2017ceredigionherald.comWayback Machine
Stretford & Urmston MessengerNewsquestWeeklyDecember Machine
Sale & Altrincham MessengerNewsquestWeeklyDecember Machine
The Sports PinkNewsquestWeeklyDecember 330
Pulman's Weekly News AxminsterSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 443
View from BridportSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 427
Pullman's View from CrewkerneSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 95
Crewkerne WeekenderSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 236
View from DorchesterSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 427
Pulman's View from HonitonSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 443
View from Lyme RegisSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 428
View from Seaton and BeerSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 443
View From South SomersetSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 48
View from WeymouthSunday Independent LtdWeeklyJanuary 427
Basingstoke ObserverTaylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 241
The Oxford PaperTaylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 70
Oxfordshire Guardian (Abingdon)Taylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 235
Oxfordshire Guardian (Bicester)Taylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 103
Oxfordshire Guardian (City & Kidlington)Taylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 195
Oxfordshire Guardian (Didcot)Taylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 235
Oxfordshire Guardian (Witney)Taylor Newspapers LtdWeeklyMay 199
Epsom GuardianNewsquestWeeklySeptember 397
View From the Blackdown HillsTindle Newspapers LtdMonthlySeptember 90
Oswestry & Border ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklySeptember 2018oswestrychronicle.comWayback 386
Cannock ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 409
Dudley ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 406
Halesowen ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 408
Sandwell ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 410
Stourbridge ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 408
Walsall ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 408
Wolverhampton ChronicleMidland News AssociationWeeklyOctober 412
The WharfTrinity MirrorWeeklyDecember 145