Members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom (2018)

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List of members of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom in 2018. This data set uses information from Wikipedia and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

NameConstituencyNational PartyEuropean Parliament GroupWebsiteEuropean Parliament ProfileTwitterFacebook
Emma McClarkinEast MidlandsConservative
Rupert MatthewsEast MidlandsConservative
Geoffrey Van OrdenEast of EnglandConservative
John FlackEast of EnglandConservative
David Campbell BannermanEast of EnglandConservative
Charles TannockLondonConservative
Syed KamallLondonConservative
Saj KarimNorth West EnglandConservative
Jacqueline FosterNorth West EnglandConservative
Nosheena MobarikScotlandConservative
Daniel HannanSouth East EnglandConservative
Nirj DevaSouth East EnglandConservative
Ashley FoxSouth West EnglandConservative
Kay SwinburneWalesConservative
Anthea McIntyreWest MidlandsConservative
Daniel DaltonWest MidlandsConservative
John Michael ProcterYorkshire and the HumberConservative
Amjad BashirYorkshire and the HumberConservative
Diane DoddsNorthern IrelandDemocratic Unionist
Jean LambertLondonGreen Party (England and Wales)Greens–
Keith TaylorSouth East EnglandGreen Party (England and Wales)Greens–
Molly Scott CatoSouth West EnglandGreen Party (England and Wales)Greens–
Janice AtkinsonSouth East
Richard AshworthSouth East
Julie GirlingSouth West
Jonathan ArnottNorth East EnglandIndependent
Steven WoolfeNorth West EnglandIndependent
Diane JamesSouth East EnglandIndependent
Jim CarverWest MidlandsIndependent
Rory PalmerEast MidlandsLabour PartyS&
Alex MayerEast of EnglandLabour PartyS&
Claude MoraesLondonLabour PartyS&
Mary HoneyballLondonLabour PartyS&
Seb DanceLondonLabour PartyS&
Lucy AndersonLondonLabour PartyS&
Jude Kirton-DarlingNorth East EnglandLabour PartyS&
Paul BrannenNorth East EnglandLabour PartyS&
Julie WardNorth West EnglandLabour PartyS&
Wajid KhanNorth West EnglandLabour PartyS&
Theresa GriffinNorth West EnglandLabour PartyS&
Catherine StihlerScotlandLabour PartyS&
David MartinScotlandLabour PartyS&
John HowarthSouth East EnglandLabour PartyS&
Clare MoodySouth West EnglandLabour PartyS&
Derek VaughanWalesLabour PartyS&
Siôn SimonWest MidlandsLabour PartyS&
Neena GillWest MidlandsLabour PartyS&
Linda McAvanYorkshire and the HumberLabour PartyS&
Richard CorbettYorkshire and the HumberLabour PartyS&
Catherine BearderSouth East EnglandLiberal
Jill EvansWalesPlaid CymruGreens–
Alyn SmithScotlandScottish National PartyGreens–
Ian HudghtonScotlandScottish National PartyGreens–
Martina AndersonNorthern IrelandSinn Fé
Margot ParkerEast MidlandsUK Independence
Jonathan BullockEast MidlandsUK Independence
Patrick O'FlynnEast of EnglandUK Independence
Tim AkerEast of EnglandUK Independence
Stuart AgnewEast of EnglandUK Independence
Gerard BattenLondonUK Independence
Paul NuttallNorth West EnglandUK Independence
Louise BoursNorth West EnglandUK Independence
David CoburnScotlandUK Independence
Ray FinchSouth East EnglandUK Independence
Nigel FarageSouth East EnglandUK Independence
Julia ReidSouth West EnglandUK Independence
William LeggeSouth West EnglandUK Independence
Nathan GillWalesUK Independence
Jill SeymourWest MidlandsUK Independence
Bill EtheridgeWest MidlandsUK Independence
Mike HookemYorkshire and the HumberUK Independence
Jane CollinsYorkshire and the HumberUK Independence
Jim NicholsonNorthern IrelandUlster Unionist